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Panini or Sammie joint in SF?

Rina Oct 1, 2007 11:14 PM

Do you like your sandwiches pressed into a Panini or do you enjoy seeing your sandwiches ride through the conveyor belt like a _uizno's?

what is your recommendation for your favorite sandwich joint in SF/bayarea?

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    Amy G Oct 2, 2007 12:41 AM

    First of all, a Panino just means a sandwich. I do not understand how most of us, Americans, got the idea that a panino was a grilled or pressed sandwich. (I was dispelled of that notion about 4 years ago while in Grad school in Italy.) A pressed or grilled panino is a panino scaldato which means a heated up sandwich. I know Bar Bambino has had complaints from customers that order their delicious mortadalla panino because they expect it to be pressed/grilled simply because it is called a panino which is so wrong, I don't even know where to start.

    Now to answer your question, the best italian sandwiches, hot or cold, that I have had in San Francisco are at Bar Bambino. Massimo del Panino in FiDi comes a close second. Other than that, you will get sandwiches that are pressed but that have about 3 ingredients too many to really be considered a sandwich with Italian soul.

    Now for great sandwiches in general, I really like La Torta Gorda for Mexican beauties or Saigon Sandwiches for Vietnamese tasty ones.

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      Robert Lauriston Oct 2, 2007 10:19 AM

      The best pressed sandwich I've had recently was the croque-monsieur on Eccolo's lunch menu.

      Any restaurant here that uses the word "panino" to mean anything other than pressed sandwich is inviting confusion.

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