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Oct 1, 2007 10:06 PM

date places in Miami?...

From high end to low end...from destination to dive...I'm all ears.

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  1. Portobello Restaurant (Italian restaurant) on Coral Way is an excellent date place (at nights, they dim the lights and there's live music). Unfortunately I don't see many of these places within the affordable range while also having excellent food.

    Also nearby, and a pricier alternative, Romeo's Cafe is supposed to be good (I haven't been yet). It's a popular dating restaurant from what I heard. Maybe someone here will back me up on that one?

    Portobello Restaurant
    2841 SW 22nd Ave, Miami, FL 33133

    Romeo's Cafe
    2257 Coral Way, Coral Gables, FL 33145

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      I'll most certainly back you up on Romeo's.. it's the ultimate date place, and a really great way to impress. Very few tables (maybe 8 or 10?), dim lighting, cute romantic music, and amazing food. No menus - Romeo comes out and asks you what you like and don't like, then he whips up 5-6 courses to fit your tastes. Wine isn't as expensive as you might think, and there is decent selection (although very little by the glass). I get dreamy just thinking about it... I could go broke eating here every weekend.

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        3rd romeos cafe.

        The vino bar in sobe looks like a great date place but I don't know anything about the food...

    2. Jake's Bar and Grill in South Miami is a decent date place at a decent price. If you go on weekends its a little more loud and on Fridays there is a young happy hour crowd earlier in the evening. I went on a Sunday night recently and it was quiet...I think everyone in the restaurant was a couple! I had the short ribs which were date had a churrasco which he enjoyed. Dessert was below average...some kind of chocolate cake. You're better off grabbing coldstone or something after to prolong the date :)

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          Baleen - Grove Isle - Coconut Grove (Great date place, tad pricey, incredible view from outdoor dining deck, even better if full moon, guaranteed to end with some luvin)

          French Kiss - Coconut Grove - great food, escargot and duck are the bomb, intimate setting

          Ristorante D' Il Frasca - Coconut Grove - authentic Italian (not heavy), intimate setting, eat in or out, nice atmosphere, pop into Christabelle's for a nightcap afterwards.

          Tropical Chinese - 79th and Bird (Kendall or S. Miami?) - yes, they do other things besides Dim Sum and they do them very well.

          Francesco - Coral Gables - Incredible Peruvian food, intimate setting, must make reservations as its small and fills up fast

          A la Folie - Espanola Way, SoBe - better for a lunch date but one of those "hidden gems" that will make you look good haha

          Ice Box - Michigan Ave between Lincoln & 17th, SoBe - One of my all-time faves, new menu daily based on fresh ingredients (a few menu staples), cozy, best dessert in the country (according to Oprah haha)

          Le Bon - Lincoln Road, SoBe - go for the mussel pots and the belgian beer, mussels are an aphrodisiac, you know?

          Tony's Sushi - Alton Rd, SoBe - nice atmosphere, killer sushi, not bad on the cost, good sake options too

          ...and then there's always the mega high end ones like Nobu, Setai, Table 8, Prime 112, Smith & Wollensky (Sobe location outside on the water), etc. There are more I could list but I think Ive got you covered for the 1st date thru the marriage proposal as it is!

      1. are there any places someone can suggest that is reasonably priced, small, comfortable, not high end fancy?
        with good chow.
        big booths.

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        1. re: Shirley U. Jest


          Every one I listed above fits your criteria except Baleen. Enjoy!

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            I didn't have much luck at Baleen at all, everything was just ok, but I thought I heard they were getting a new chef. Anyone know the status on that?