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Oct 1, 2007 09:43 PM

dependable baltimore restaurants

which restaurants in baltimore Never disappoint and how do you think they manage it.

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  1. The Foreman/Wolf restaurants are probably the most dependable restaurants in Baltimore. Not only do they make excellant food, but a big emphasis is placed on the guest's experiance. They will go out of their way to ensure you have a memorable dinner. If you don't like something, they will replace it without question or attitude. Those who are intimidated by upscale eateries are made to feel at home.

    Also, Matsuri never fails to turn out amazing sushi. I credit that to their commitment to quality fish and preperaton. I took a sushi making class there which was run by their head sushi chef, and you could tell both he and the always-friendly-staff were excited to be sharing their skills with the students. One of the more enjoyable food experiances I've had.

    I think dependabilty comes from a combination of experiance and also the desire to be the best.

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    1. re: mobtown hound

      Completely disagree with this as Pazo has disappointed on a number of levels on multiple occasions; Petit Louis is pretty expensive for what you get; and there have been a lot of posts about disappointments at Charleston (which, I might add, is the best restaurant in Baltimore but given the prices . . . .).

      Also, it's kind of a weird question because if a restaurant doesn't aspire to much, it will never disappoint. For example, the hallmark of chains is their consistency, and many Irish pubs (also for example) do exactly the same thing night after night.

      One other point: part of not being disappointed has to do with the costs of the food (I'll put up with minor things if it's a good deal).

      Given all this, the restaurants where I bring guests (particularly out-of-town guests knowing that they'll only have one or two meals in town) knowing that they'll get an interesting, well-cooked, good value meal are Jack's Bistro, Birches, and La Cazuela.

      My guess is that Tabrizi's will end up on this list if they make it.

      1. re: mobtown hound

        Thank you, Mobtown, for this well thought out post. I agree that management, and a commitment to customers, is a large part of what creates dependability, and that both Pazo and Petit Louis have it. But in spite of its good service, Charleston is inconsistent in cooking quality, even within the same meal, leading me to think that if Cindy Wolfe is not at home, there is no firm guidance in their kitchen.

      2. Prime Rib and Tio Pepe are consistently great but on the expensive side.

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        1. re: jgail

          when I saw this topic.....Tio Pepe and Prime Rib were the first to pop in my mind.
          I'm not sure if I would consider them expensive....Both places have huge portions and are a great value.

        2. The Helmand. The food is consistently excellent.

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          1. re: scarlet starlet

            What are the prices like at the Helmand? The menu looks fabulous, and my folks will be in BMore next saturday and I'd like to take them there...

            thanks :)

            1. re: Jeserf

              Helmand is one of the best deals around. Entrees are mostly under $20. Fantastic food.

              Thai Arroy in Federal Hill is consistently very good. The first week I moved to the neighborhood I went four times, and i'm still a regular there.

              1. re: JonParker

                see - my SO and I go for places under $10 ;)

                but $20 with parents is reasonable. I scoped out the menu and would be happy with salads and starters. Hopefully they'll want to go!

          2. Brewer's Art. I've been disappointed with my meals in the dining room, but their bar menu has never disappointed me. I think that they manage it because they KISS w/out making it so simple that the food is boring.

            The Bicycle? I've only eaten there a couple of times, but both times I was impressed by the level of service and the waiters knowledge of the menu as well as the food.

            Paper Moon Diner. As an example of a restaurant that never disappoints because expectations are never high.

            1. Upscale/Pricey: Charleston has always been good, as well as The Prime Rib and Fleming's (which I freqeunt quite a bit). For Italian, I love La Scala and have never been let down.

              Casual: Kawasaki Cafe in Fell's for sushi is incredible. I like Matsuri too, but prefer Kawasaki Cafe. Jack's Bistro is quite good and have never had any problems. Thai Arroy is the best Thai food around and is consistently good and prices are great. For Mexican, try Holy Frijoles in Hampden. Always a crowd favorite.

              Sidenote: I've had a few less than memorable experiences at Pazo's, that's not to say we don't eat there from time to time still. The place has great potential to be excellent, but there always seems to be something that its lacking.

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