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Oct 1, 2007 08:24 PM

Beef on Weck in Manhattan?

Does it exist? Maybe just the weck part?

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  1. On Sundays during football season, McFaddens does beef on weck (charlie the butcher actually came to one of the games there), anchor bar wings, and labatt drink specials. It gets somewhat crowded for bills games, as you would imagine.

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      1. re: mccan

        Thanks a bunch... this is a sandwich I have wanted to try for some time.

        How does it compare to the upstate originals?

        1. re: Abe Froman

          Truthfully, I'm not an aficionado and I haven't been to McFaddens this season, but I thought the one at McFaddens was a pretty good version. I've certainly had better at some of the places in western NY (especially the weck), but have also had worse versions in our gray city to the north.

          Its good, but I'd be interested if there are other places in the city that serve it. The crowds on game day can be pretty bad, so it would make stopping by just for a sandwich annoying. Then again, the Bills will likely be out of playoff contention in a week or so and maybe the crowds will thin out.

      2. What's this "beef on weck" business?

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        1. It is decent at McFaddens but not great. I don't even remember seeing it on their menu this year actually. I have been looking for one for a while. I believe there was somewhere in brooklyn that had one but I can't remeber the name. Maybe try to post on that board.