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Oct 1, 2007 08:19 PM

What do you do with 5-spice powder?

I have a LOT of 5-spice powder. I sprinkle it on yams before roasting them (in fry-shape). I love the flavour, so what else can I do with it?

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  1. My lunch-time chinese place has a 5-spice eggplant dish. When I had it it was sub-mulligan, but that's because it was over-cooked mush.

    Chopped eggplant, stir-fryed with a bit of chopped tofu, the both of them previously sprinkled with 5-spice powder and a dash of Mirin, makes a formidable dish.

    Add bean sprouts, shaved ginger, and lime zest to taste.

      1. Mix five-spice with flour, salt, and pepper. Coat chicken wings and deep-fry.

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          This works on fish, as well. I use catfish. I fry it, since I'm too nervous to deep-fry anything. And I usually top it with mango and red pepper salsa.

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            Along the same idea, 5 spice, soy, lime juice, honey and some srirachi (sic). Marinated some wings in he mix and either fry or bake them.

          2. a super easy marinade is 5 spice with soy sauce. i put it on pork, chick or tofu.

            i also use it in flour coatings as browniebaker.

            it's good on corn or popcorn.

            asian flavoured braises use it too.

            1. This won't use up a lot of it, but leite's culinaria has a recipe for five-spice biscuits which look good; a simple sugar biscuit with some five spice in it...