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Oct 1, 2007 07:36 PM

Help me with my Vegas RSVP's

Hello all,

The BF and I are planning a few days at the end of Oct (thur - mon) in Vegas. We're staying at the Signature at the MGM Grand and will have a car. BF doesn't like Thai (unreal!! ;) ) so LOS is out and I've read things on Rosemary's but I'm not very intruigued. So far, I've made reservations at Le Cirque, Joel Robouchon and Craftsteak. I was wondering if Nobu is really worth it or if there was another recommendation for Sushi which we both love.

I tried to get RSVP's at Bouchon for bfast or brunch but no go. I believe we have a kitchenette so any recs for a great gourmet grocery store to get fixings for picnics or bfast would be great. We plan to go to Red Rock and also hit a spa.

Are there any MUST DO for bfast, lunch or dinner? I'd appreciate any recs. We eat anything and are open to very nice dinners, casual lunches and nice breakfasts. Buffets aren't really our thing but if there is one that is divine, I'm all ears.

TIA! If anyone is coming to the Boston area I'll be happy to make recs. :)

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  1. Bouchon has a bar area; if you want to go without a reservation.

    I am a huge fan of Nob Hill. I recommend it over Robouchon. And SW Steakhouse over Craftsteak.

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      THanks for the recs king. :) Any particular reasons why those restaurants over the ones picked?

    2. I forgot that my screen name is strephking, and i thought you some how knew me. All of my guy friends refer to me as "king". HA. (it's my maiden name) ANYWAY...

      For Nob Hill vs Rubochon i just thought the menu was more creative and i love the atmosphere.

      For SW vs Craftsteak, the quality of the meat was better in my opinion. Also, creamed corn and sauteed spinach are the bell weather of any steak house and SW wins! Don't waste your time waiting for a "lake view" table at SW, it's not worth it. the show is kind of silly.

      The setting at Bouchon is fabulous. I would go and sit at the bar!!!!

      You can also just grab a crepe at Paris. It's a perfect quick treat!

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      1. re: strephking

        King - that's funny. ;) But I appreciate your comments back. I will give them good thought. I do have to say I'm intrigued by Bouchon so that is a great idea. :) Thanks so much! :)

      2. you've picked some nice places - i've read some of the comments of others - i am not a big fan of nobu - if going to hard rock you might want to give simon a try - i just tried his los angeles post - a little too pricey for what you got, but still a nice meal. as to steak - you will be happy at craftsteak, SW, prime, stripsteak, n9ne ( probably my top place - but be careful...your BF might get a sore neck looking at the "sights"...then might also ! )

        for breakfast - and to get away from the strip - my recommendations ( but all kinda on the heavy side ) - hash house a go-go, the original pancake house, the omelet house and black bear an example, i believe the normal size omelet at the omelet house is made with 6 eggs !! for a picnic..hmm..closest to you - at the corner of trop and eastern ( about 2 -3 miles away from your place ) is the siena deli italian deli...they have hot and cold items...across the street is the famous freed's bakery...many options there... as far as gourmet grocery...the only one i know of is the whole foods in green valley / henderson - if you made that trip, it may be worthwhile to stop at the cupcakery and setebello's ( napoli pizza )

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          kjs, thanks for the suggestions! I got a giggle out of your comment on the "sights" and do find that part about Vegas kitchy but funny. :)

        2. Joel Rubochon and Nobhill are very different types of places; JR, along with Guy Savoy at Caeser's, is both the most dedicated to haute cuisine and the priciest place in LV. I thought it was terrific, with beautifully presented food and excellent service, but it will cost both in $$$ and in time. Nobhill is a very nice restaurant, but there are other comparable places throughout the strip, imho. It's got great cocktails, a very nice atmosphere, and really good mashed potatoes, and generally does things well, but it is not comparable to JR or GS or Alex at the Wynn in terms of the very top tier of LV dining.
          We like Okada as well or better than Nobu; the fish at Okada has always been terrific, and they have an interesting menu with other tapas-size options and smalled grilled plates. The room is also very pretty. Nobu is very good as well, but it can be a scene, especially on the weekends.
          As far as gourmet stores, the Whole Food in Henderson is an option; there is also a terrific wine and cheese store, Valley Wine and Cheese, up in Green Valley, that has a nice selection of wine, cheeses, salumi, etc.
          If you are going to Red Rock, you might consider stopping in Chinatown on the way out or back for either dim sum (cathay house is one good place) or chinese food, assuming your BF isn't adverse to all asian food. Chinatown runs up and down Spring Mountain Road just west of the Strip.
          For breakfast, in addition to Bouchon, I'd consider Verandah at the Four Seasons (part of the Mandalay Bay complex). It's not inexpensive, but the room is beautiful, you can sit outside (which is terrific at this time of year) and the food is great. They do brunch on both Saturday adn Sunday, I believe, and breakfast everyday

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            Thanks flyer... great suggestion on the Chinatown. SInce I'm Asian (Korean) my BF (who is Caucasian) won't mind Asian food. He actually is better with chopsticks than me (hee hee...) THe gourmet store suggestions are great too. Thanks so much!!

            1. re: lvnvflyer

              I heartily agree with you, lvvnflyer, re: JR vs. Nob Hill.

              I like both restaurants but they are totally different. If the OP's heart is set on Robuchon then Nob Hill shouldn't even come into the equation.

              As far as the steakhouse rec is concerned - stick with Craftsteak. It's absolutely fantastic and has, IMO, the best steakhouse foie gras in the city. Make sure to try the whipped potatoes as well as the hen of the woods mushrooms. Both are extremely well prepared - the potatoes are almost liquid, they are so creamy. If you're a dessert couple then try the monkey bread. Their sorbets are really well made also.

              Bouchon is a great breakfast option. I'm not usually up in time for breakfast but if you are then it great. The corned beef hash, the boudin blanc, and the french toast are all excellent options.

              Enjoy yourself!

              1. re: azbirdiemaker

                Love the suggestions azbird! Thanks!!! I've been watching Top Chef and profess to a certain amount of curiosity towards Tom Colichio (sp?) and his concept.

            2. Only speaking from personal experiences, I'd recommend:

              - B & B at the Venetian for dinner. It was amazing!! If you want to see pics from the tasting menu that we got there they should be linked to my profile on here.

              - Mesa Grill at Caesar's for brunch. It was decent food for decent prices, and if your bf is into sports and/or sports betting, the restaurant looks out to the sports booking area (this was one of the selling points for my bf, haha!)

              Again, based on personal experiences, I would only really recommend Tao for the atmosphere -very clubby and loud, people-watching is fun, but the food is not the best I've ever had. Also, I didn't have a really great experience at Bouchon for brunch. The food was ok but nothing spectacular for the price, in my opinion.

              Have a great time in Vegas!

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              1. re: gyozagirl

                THanks gyozagirl! We are looking forward to getting away. :)