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Oct 1, 2007 07:35 PM

10 ladies in Fort Lauderdale

Myself and 9 of my friends are heading for a long weekend in Lauderdale. This is a weekend away from the husband and baby. We want an upbeat spot that's not touristy; however, we're not in our 20's anymore... We are staying in a house near Las Olas.

any suggestions for lunch or dinner are appreciated.

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  1. I'd do Johnny V's on Las Olas
    For great Italian food and a fun place try Cafe Martarano. great meatballs

    Other fun options with good food are

    Trina at the Atlantic Hotel

    Bistro Mezzaluna

    Anthony's Runway 84 (another fun Italian place


    Opa. For Greek food and fun. I've never been to the Lauderdale location but assume it is similar to Hollywood and South Beach location.

    1. Chima is a pretty good option as well - live music, not loud, great ambiance, good food, though I doubt it matches the food at Martarano which I hear great things about from this board and very good friends of mine who say how great it is and whose judgement I trust.

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        Las Olas has lots of great places to hear good music and dancing. problem is none of them have great food. I reccomend hitting Johnny V's, Mark's or Cafe paris on las olas. If you venture out, mezzeluna is good. After Dinner try mangos or o'hara's for good entertainment.

        1. re: mountdorahound

          but don't eat at Mango's - the food is awful. Johnny V's is works. Casablanca Cafe on AIA is lovely. Cafe Materaono is quite pricey, supposedly the most expensive Italian restaurant in south Florida.

          1. re: meb903

            Agree with the above. Materanono is great however and worth trying at least once.

            1. re: meb903

              meb, Johnny V's is worse or works?

              1. re: Sobe

                sorry, i meant Johnny v's works - we like it. always have good meals there.