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Beer Lover Recs?

My wife and I coming into town this weekend for my birthday (the big 3-0) and need some recommendations. I would like to find a casual, bistro type place with great food and a good beer selection for my birthday dinner. Any recommendations?

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  1. Do you like Belgian beers? If so, I would try Markt on 21st and 6th.

    Are you looking to dine in any neighborhood in particular?

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        Another good place for Belgian beers and pretty good belgian food (casual) is Petite Abeille (multiple locations) -- if you are in NYC on Monday stop by for all day 1/2 price all beers.

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          I am a big Belgian fan and Markt looks like what I am looking for. Thanks for help....

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            FYI - I'm a big fan of their mussels, fries, and beef stew. Hope you have a happy birthday!

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              They also make a great grilled shrimp salad and French onion soup. Love their fries! All goes down well with an icy cold Hoegarden and wedge of lemon!

        2. octoberfest is already in full swing in the city...try blaue gans in tribeca which is austrian and very nice.

          1. If you're on the UES, you could try Cafe d'Alsace (2nd Ave/88th or so). We just had a terrific charcuterie plate and cheese plate there a week or so ago. We sat outside and enjoyed their Octoberfest beer selections (a pretty large beer list too). It was great. (We didn't have a full dinner, so I can't say anything more about the food selections.)

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              I second Cafe d'Alsace -- their beer list is extensive, and the food is quite good as well.

            2. House of Brews, midtown west, has all kinds of great beer but their food unfortunately is sub-par. You might consider a tasting at their 46th St. locale then dining either right there on restaurant row or at any of the good 9th ave. eateries around the corner.


              1. Resto has a great Belgian beer selection as well and delicious food.

                1. I enjoy going to a place called The Inn, one of the only places in the meatpacking district that serves up a nice cold Newcastle Ale! Check out their homemade cheese fries, too...to die for!

                  I like to eats.

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                    Hallo Berlin (10th @ 44th) has a good selection of Germans, sausage, potato pancakes, etc. and outdoor seating

                  2. I've been to all of thee places listed here and I would concur that Markt is the best of the ones mentioned. I would avoid Petite abeille unless you're looking to be surronded by famalies with little kids (nothing wrong with kids, just not the atmosphere I would like on my big 30)

                    Another place to keep in mind is Spitzers Corner. I've been there at least 5 times since they opened becaue they have such a great beer selection that ranges from domestic to german to belgian, etc. We had their meat and cheese plate last time there and it was very good. Its a nice airy space as well, which could be perfect if the weather is going to be as nice as they say.

                    Another thought would be the bar at Gramercy Tavern. Very good beers including a vintage beer list. Food is exceptional and not overly priced. My SO had the bacon wrapped trout there last week and I had the Ribeye special. Both were amazing!!!

                    Happy Birthday!

                    1. The Blind Tiger Ale House on Bleecker between 6th and 7th Avenues is a must! Just try to go early, it's not very big and gets unbearably crowded. I also like George Keeley on the Upper West Side it's at 485 Amsterdam, which I think is around 84th St. I hear Barcade in Williamsburg has a great beer selection but I still haven't made it out there.

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                        Both Blind Tiger and George Keeley are great casual beer sipping destinations - among the best in Manhattan - but neither fits the description of what the OP is searching for (i.e. bistro with great food). As he has already figured out, Markt should offer the best bistro-beer balance on this list (Blind Tiger does offer some surprisingly well-prepared small bites on their menu, while Keeley's food is really only for the pub-fare faithful). If you're going to Williamsburg for the beer and nothing but the beer, forget the shtick at Barcade and hit Spuyten Duyvil for the best selection of Belgian bottles in the whole city.

                        For an alternate take on the beer-friendly food scene you might want to try Jimmy's No. 43 in the East Village, which seems to be one of the city's few gastropubs that puts as much care into its draught list as its irreverent seasonal menu. Not necessarily a birthday meal destination, but still a damn fine way to pass the hours before or after.