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Oct 1, 2007 06:55 PM

Top Chef & Hell's Kitchen DVDs?

I’m hoping that this is the correct board to post this to, but feel assured that the crack Chow-team will move it, should it not be appropriate.

I’m not a “reality show” fan, having only watched the Golf Channel’s “Big Break,” since it started. However, I came across “Top Chef,” when there were two contestants from the Phoenix Area in an episode, I was hooked. It was about the same for “Hell’s Kitchen.” Somehow, I missed the earlier seasons of both of these, and have only taped (actually my cable’s version of TiVo) recent episodes. I’ve poked all around the Bravo and Fox sites, trying to find DVDs of the earlier season’s episodes of these two shows with absolutely no luck.

Does anyone know of a legitimate source for DVDs, or VHS tapes of the previous seasons? If you have a link to either of these network’s sites, please give me a specific URL, as I cannot find it though their normal search or navigation aids.


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  1. The 1st season of top chef has not yet been released on DVD.

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    1. re: danikm

      Thank you for the info. I was suspecting that, since I did not find any reference to DVDs for this show, but did for a myriad of others.

      I'll just have to be patient, then.


      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Bill - give it a little time.. I'm sure both will be on DVD at some point.

        In my opinion, Hell's Kitchen is entertaining but has little to do with food and more about putting people in high stress situations. They might as well be aspiring car mechanics. I watch it but have never felt compelled to try and make/find a particular dish, unlike Top Chef. It's all about Gordon Ramsey's bluntness and passion. Check out Kitchen Nightmares on Wed. nights (FOX) for a tamer look at Gordon. It's still a bit over the top, but with 50% less yelling. The original (KN) show can be found from time to time on BBC America which you probably get on cable in AZ. I really like that version as it focuses on real business issues such as location, menu, management, pricing, service, function, etc. He does light some fires, but for the most part the focus is on fixing a failing business. I think it's a great study.

        1. re: tastyjon

          I agree, re the critique of the two programs. I am still surprised that we have become "followers," but then watching a few local chefs that we know, plus one from NOLA, battle it out on Iron Chef America, has been far more fun, than either of us expected.

          Yes, we've caught Kitchen Nightmares. Very interesting program. For once, I have sympathy for Gordon Ramsey! What a task.

          In the chronology of Top Chef, they are now on what, their third season? Since my wife is a Food Channel fan, I'm surprised that we just discovered "Top Chef." Most of the comments/features on CH seem to be from, and about, previous seasons. It's been hard for me to follow, as most of those discussions have been about the personalities of the participants, and not their culinary skills, or lack, thereof. That's one of the reasons, that I was looking for the earlier seasons.

          I'll take your advice, sit back, enjoy what is being played, and be patient regarding earlier seasons.


    2. If you have a video Ipod, all seasons of Top Chef is sold on Itunes.

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      1. re: Miss Needle

        Yes, we have two of them around, though have not really used the video function of the little guys - other than slideshows of our Bulldogs. I'll check out their online store.


      2. I know you are asking about DVDs in particular but Bravo shows the Top Chef Series (all 3 seasons) as a Marathon at least 2-3 times a year. I bet they will run a Top Chef marathon this weekend after the Season 3 Finale.

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        1. re: moymoy

          I've seen a few "marathons" of this season's shows, though some that have been listed, have been pre-empted. I'll bide my time and see if they do the earlier stuff, as well. I'd love to TiVo full seasons, so I could watch all episodes through in one sitting. I'll check out the schedule area of the Bravo site, and see if they list the older programs, especially after the finale this Wed.