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Oct 1, 2007 06:46 PM

Cheeseburger in Rochester, MI

I'm meeting a friend coming from the north. We need cheeseburgers and beer, casual, preferably between say, the Silverdome and the Palace near I-75. Downtown Rochester or near Oakland U would be fine. I've poked around the archives for this board and the only thing I see in Rochester for good burgers is a dairy bar.

Many thanks

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  1. that is kinda no man's land for non-chain chow.

    my suggestions would be bo's bistro in downtown pontiac (saginaw & m-59) or kruse & muer in the outdoor mall in rochester hills (university & adams). the dairy bar is probably knapp's in downtown rochester. kinda like sliders (bigger) which are good but no beer.

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      There is a brew pub across the highway from the Palace called The Big Buck That might fit the bill.

      1. re: brendastarlet

        Big Buck in Auburn Hills closed. I think in January 2007. The Grayling location is still open - but that's a couple of hours away.

        1. re: blues

          big buck has been a financial disaster for a long time. they used to be a public company. huge mortgage debt to build their gigantic places. way too much overhead to cover serving beers, burgers, and steaks. they filed chapter 11, a group bought the debt at a discount, the company went private, and ultimately, they failed, too.

          1. re: xman887

            Well, in fairness to them, when Big Buck started out in Gaylord, I was there with a buddy of mine after we'd been hiking for a couple of days. While it wasn't high-end cuisine, it was, in our opinion, very, very good in just about every area, and the *entire* place was packed. It had left a great, lasting impression on us. When they decided to open up in Auburn Hills, we were quite excited.

            It didn't take long for our former excitement to turn into downright disappointment, and an outright avoiding of the place. Quality went down at an alarming rate (as did service), they started to systematically remove from the menu just about every item that we'd enjoyed in the past (really, is it *that* hard to keep beef brisket on the menu of a place that bills itself as an outdoorsy type of venue?), and menu prices went absolutely *bonkers*. We're talking jaw-dropping increases for the fare that they were offering, *especially* considering how bad the quality had gotten.

            A shame, that. In hindsight, yes, opening a restaurant that seated that many people at once was a mistake, but their bigger mistake by far was letting the quality die while hiking prices into the stratosphere. I can't believe that they couldn't understand that microbrews were available just about anywhere, and in better venues.

            Another one bites the dust, only I didn't even shed one tear or feel one ounce of regret for them.

      2. re: xman887

        Thanks for the rec for Bo's in Pontiac. We tried it and the burgers were quite tasty and the fries were hot and crispy. The burgers were 1/2 pound, cooked properly, served hot and juicy on a serious bun that was substantial enough to stand up to the meat and juice. My only complaint would be that they no longer brew their own beer and ale and they were out of a couple of choices that sounded interesting.

        Good recommendation


      3. I hate to recommend a chain but Champs across from Oakland U. has some good burger options and beers and Sports on TV if that is what your looking for.

        Something different you may want to try is the new Papa Joes on Rochester and Tienken. They make sandwiches to order which are fantastic one is a Kobe Beef on fresh bread with a horseradish sauce which I would take over a burger anytime. You can sit in a cafe area and buy wine by the glass I would assume that you could buy beer and drink it there as well. And the people watching is not all to bad either.


        1. I'd say Mr. B's fits the bill for what you're looking for; casual, decent burgers, and beer. Unless there's not a Mr. B's in Rochester anymore?

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          1. re: amandaqtpie

            Yeah, there's still a Mr B's in downtown Rochester. I'd also recommend Hamlin Pub, at Rochester Rd & Hamlin.

          2. Red Ox has decent bar food, can't verify the burgers specifically but it's a similar menu to a Mr B's type place (also not a bad thought for downtown Rochester)

            Red Ox is on Walton across from OU

            1. Hanlin Pub or even Rochester Mills in downtown Rocj.