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Oct 1, 2007 06:27 PM

Looking for good food on the eastern shore of Maryland?

I am looking for good food on the eastern shore of Maryland in the Kent Island area?

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  1. the NARROWS REST. on kent island. everything is good at this waterfront restaurant, but the crab cakes are one in a million. HARRISON'S,tighlman island for fried chicken
    you wish your momma made.

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      A big second for Harrison''s not in Kent Island, though.

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        harrison's is on tighlman island as i stated in my reply

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          Fried chicken is not what I would ever dreamed of getting at Harrison's. That is good to know. I run hot and cold on them. Or maybe I have had inconsistent meals there. Sometimes I find it just ok, but on New Year's Eve one year, I had an oyster stew at the bar that was so full of oysters that I could barely get a spoon into it. They were excellent ones, too.

          At any rate, it's definitely better than Bay 100 or The Bridge.

      2. I second the vote for The Narrows. The menu is not too traditional, but not crazy inventive either. It is just updated traditional. The food is always fresh and well prepared and the service is very good. Men tend to like it because the serving staff comprises mostly young, pretty girls. We've had wonderful meals including top-notch fresh salads - we particularly liked the Caesar with fried oysters and the field greens with the blackberries, pecans, and blue cheese (but ask for dressing on the side as they tend to overdo it), great crab cakes, excellent fish, The BBQ Quail appetizer is excellent - just a glaze that isn't at all sweet or sticky, a very moist bird. The menu includes a selection of lighter meals, which we really appreciate. We haven't been thrilled with the desserts. Website is here:

        1. I once had fab fried chichen at Harrison's but that was long ago. More recently, it was not even mediocre.

          Much closer to Kent Island is the Inn at Easton; certainly the best resto I've ever been in on the Shore. Just a wonderful place in every respect

          1. From the area, and work here too. There are lots of places that have the standard fried crabcake, french fries, and choice of vegetable. For a great meal "inside the box", The Narrows is the best in the Kent Narrows area.

            "Outside the Box":
            Lisa's Small Plates is a bar and restaurant in the Acme shopping center a mile from the bridge. Very good food.

            The new restaurant Americantina was disappointing to me- went last week and the service was bad, and what I wanted to order from the menu has been taken off after only a week of being open.

            Julia's in Centreville is excellent for lunch and dinner- make a reservation, and you will have an excellent meal, with seafood and fried foods as real standouts. Easton is a little bit of a drive, but has some really good places like Out of the Fire.

            1. At Kent Narrows, the Fisherman Inn has good food. I also like Harris' Crab & Oyster House right across the street, also at Kent Narrows.