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Oct 1, 2007 06:03 PM

Resto with good steak for lunch near O'Connor & Coxwell

Hi fellow CH,
I need to take my friend out for lunch on Wed. He likes steak. He can't have long lunch. The resto needs to be within 15 min. drive from O'Connor & Coxwell.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. There's a place I've driven by called Ritz near Donlands & O'Connor, that features a sign outside that reads "For those that love t-bone steak!" (and which makes me giggle).

    I've never been there before, but just Googled them, and found a positive review from The Star this year:

    It would only be a 5-minute or so drive from Coxwell and O'Connor.

    310 Donlands Ave, Toronto, ON M4J3R9, CA

    1. I can actually recommend the Ritz. Good food and sweet service, extremely cheap, some interesting Filipino specialties, and real milkshakes. But it is a fifties greasy spoon; not a "real" resto. They do have steaks, though I wouldn't order one as my first choice from their menu.

      If you want a place with a more relaxing kind of ambiance, you might be happy at Jawny Bakers on O'Connor & St Clair. It's a huge menu with altogether decent (though not great) food.

      Hollinger's on Coxwell used to be good years ago, but I have been warned to avoid it nowadays.

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      1. re: embee

        Does anyone have any thoughts on Hollinger's? I live just a couple of minutes away and have always wondered about the place. Agreed, JB's is fairly decent.

        Quick edit: I just spotted on the RM website that Hollinger's is due for its own makeover.

      2. I agree, I think Jawny Baker's your best bet, given your parameters. Mind you, the way I drive, the Tulip steakhouse at Coxwell and Queen would be within range.

        Jawny Bakers
        804 O Connor Dr, Toronto, ON M4B2S9, CA

        1610 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L1G2, CA

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        1. re: JamieK

          Thanks Tara, embee & JamieK for your suggestions.

          So far, I favor Jawny Bakers & Tulip. I've been to Tulip before but not J.B. However, I doubt if I can make it to Tulip in 15 min.

          I checked the website of J.B. The backyard patio looks interesting. The ambiance is appropiate for our lunch. The menu is quite extensive & they do have steak.

          I hope they don't mess up a steak, the place is clean & the service is acceptable.

          Any comment is welcome.

          1. re: ace123

            The service is great, friendly but professional. The place is clean. I've never had the steak there, so that is the variable. It's a community/sports team/family oriented place so can get loud on weekends, but a weekday lunch should be fine. Let us know how it goes.


            1. re: JamieK

              The lunch has been re-scheduled to sometime next week.
              I'll report after that.

        2. The original comment has been removed