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Oct 1, 2007 05:53 PM

Robert Oliver Seafood

Anyone eaten at Robert Oliver Seafood across from the Meyerhoff recently?

My parents and I have series tickets to the BSO and like to have dinner afterwards. For years we were regular customers of Spike & Charlies, and then La Tesso Tano. Were never happy with the various places that succeeded Spike & Charlie's; and Abacrombie wasn't open late enough (i.e, after the concert).

So we're interested in trying Robert Oliver Seafood, but I would like to hear opinions first. Thanks very much.

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  1. I ate there when it first opened a couple of times, and enjoyed the food and the atmosphere; it's been more than 6months, so I honestly can't remember what we ate but there was a group of about 8 and everyone was happy with their meal and the service. Unfortunately, since then the opening Executive Chef left, as did some of the management team, and i've not had a chance to get back since. I'm not even sure who's running their kitchen now? Anyone know?

    1. wait,that place is still open?!?!

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        They closed in August 08 & just reopened last weekend (I know this post is 10 months later than this thread, sorry) ....there's a brand new menu & Chef (Josh Hill from Tabrizi's, Night of the Cookers, etc) & the grand re-opening is in October, but I recommend stopping by during the week b/c it gets a bit hectic on concert nights. If you go before or after a show, make a reservation and definitely let your server know in advance that you have a time limit! :)

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          Are you sure Josh Hill is the new chef there? This recent article says he is opening his own place in Harbor East.

      2. We ate there earlier this year, and I remember it being pleasant - nothing bad, nothing special.

        Looking at menu...

        I remember having the tuna tartar: so-so.
        The salad with the fig vinaigrette was good.
        She had the crabcake, and liked it.
        I had the salmon and it was fine.

        We enjoyed the concert more than the meal, but we'd definitely go back.

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