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Recreational Cooking Class in Miami?

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I'm interested in taking recreational cooking classes in the Miami Area. Specifically I'd like to take dessert/baking courses. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I took ICE classes in NY and loved them. Anything similar would be ideal.

These are the classes I'm aware of already:
Johnson and Wales Recreational Division
Two Chefs Restuarant Cooking Classes

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  1. Chef Aliza's (Formerly Ariana's Culinary Arts) in Pinecrest offers classes as well. There is a lot of variety in the classes they teach. It's more aimed at the recreational home chef looking to expand their repertoire and skills whereas classes I've taken at J&W were more professionally-inclined.
    I was at a class there last week and it was very informative. I think if you google Chef Aliza's you'll get their web site.

    1. Fairchild Tropical Gardens runs periodic cooking classes- mostly on weekdays, and generally focusing on some sort of tropical fruit or theme....Next dessert themed class is Perfect Pies and Tarts on Tues Nov 13th.