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Oct 1, 2007 05:44 PM

Palo Santo Brunch: Now Defunct

Anyone have any details as to why Palo Santo stopped serving brunch? While I had mixed feelings about the couple of dinners I had there, the brunch was superb, particularly for its un-brunchlike qualities: interesting dishes (such as pupusas, fish and grits, wild mushroom quesadillas) that weren't the standard eggs-and-bacon-I-could-make-myself fare and a beautiful and tranquil (back) room in which to eat them, with great service. Called to find out why but the person I spoke to didn't have details as to why it was stopped. Strange, also, because they usually had a decent crowd, so can't imagine they suspended brunch due to lack of customers. Will be sorely missed.

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  1. Ah darn it. Well, good thing you mentioned it... I was planning on visiting with a few friends from NJ who I've been coaxing to try restaurants in Brooklyn. They woulda given me hell if we arrived and found out Palo Santo nixed their brunch menu. It was my favorite brunch spot in Brooklyn. Maybe they'll bring it back?

    Thanks for the heads up.

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      Have you tried the brunch up the street at Rosewater? Sometimes you've got to wait for a table, but they have some inventive and delicious stuff!

      1. re: brooklynaustin

        i understand the need for something a bit different with brunch but i just never was into rosewater's menu.

        as for palo santo, my dinner there a few months ago was so bad, i wouldnt return.

        applewood has some nice brunch offerings.