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Oct 1, 2007 05:21 PM

Le Tire Bouchon- FFX City

At first I thought that they were on vacation. And then I thought maybe they changed their hours. Now I see on their website that they are closed for good. Does anyone know what happened? And does anyone know anything about Villa Mozart? I assume it is a restaurant that is opening at that location.

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  1. Wow, Im surprised! I had read such good things about this place. Just goes to show....go when you can, they may not be there tomorrow. Id love to know why they closed too.

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    1. From the washington Post
      "The new French restaurant in Fairfax City, La Rue 123, is little more than a block removed from Le Tire Bouchon, and to read the two menus is to find they even share a few dishes, including lobster bisque and rack of lamb.
      The street mates have a further link: The owner of the new kid on the block is Huseyin Kansu, a former partner in Le Tire Bouchon, which he left last June. His chef, Kemal Deger, also worked there."

      That explains that. I guess I'll have to start going to Rue 123...

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      1. re: viperlush

        Is Rue 123 any relation to Bistro 123?

      2. I know that Villa Mozart is being opened by the Chef from Fiore de Luna which was in Great Falls. I actually had my wedding reception there and was upset to hear that it had closed. I was hoping to go for my anniversary 11/11. I then heard yesterday from the gentleman who baked my wedding cake that Chef was opening a place in Fairfax City. I have reservations there on 11/10 and will update. They have a website and the menu is nearly identical to Fiore de Luna and with the same chef I anticipate that it will be very similar. I am looking forward to it a great deal.

        1. The original comment has been removed