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Oct 1, 2007 04:22 PM

Yeah, Damiano's Mr. Pizza....

I've seen this place both praised and maligned here on CH; I've been eating there since 1992 or thereabouts (worked down the street) and discovered it by chance looking for a good lunch place (after having grown tired of Canter's and the Farmer's Market (pre The Grave)).

Went there (Damiano's) last Friday night and had a goat cheese and pepperoni pizza and a romain/tomato/red onion salad with my Significant Cat, and was once again exceptionally pleased (we both were).

Say what you will about the questionable service, possibly unclean kitchen ("B" rating this time) and the darker-than-dark dining room (what are they hiding?), but oh, what a pizza! I'm smiling just thinking about it. Nice firm THIN crust (the "points" held firm) and -- my favorite -- the SAUCE (must be an LA thing, this whole sauce-over-crust ideal). Something about their tangy (which I pronounce "tan-gee" after watching a middle-eastern TV chef pronounce it that way, LOL) tomato sauce hits all the right buttons inside of me, and the crust is perfect.

When I lived nearby, I'd order "delivery" but there's nothing that beats a Damiano's pizza hot out of the oven. Now that I've been banished to the Valley, Damiano's is a rare treat (even though they deliver up here), a true untouched LA gem that delivers quality, flavorful pizza in a wasteland of Papa John's (as in "I need to use the John").


(This post officially has the most statements in parentheses)

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  1. Totally agree. my take on the lighting is it's a funereal tribute to the dead owner. Best NY pizza in LA, this one has the soul of NY pizza, not just the look.

    1. I'm not as taken with Damiano's but I get it all the time because I'm on a weird schedule. If you want the best they have to offer, you have to get the XL that's not on the menu. I swear to god it tastes better.

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      1. re: sloanedone

        Yes, the XL!!!! I agree!! Somehow, the XL pizza tastes different than the other sizes. I'm convinced that it's the correct proportion of cheese/sauce/dough. I think their individuall slices are of the XL size, but if they aren't, order the XL pie instead and save what you don't eat for the next day. Also, you may want to try their Calzones... hearty and delicious!!

          1. re: peterboy

            across from canters on fairfax.better than vitos albanos etc jersey guy says so

            1. re: JimmyC

              Will the day ever come when there's no racism and/or chowhound posters don't mention their East Coast roots when they're arguing about the best pizza in Los Angeles? I think we're more likely to get the first one.

              Damiano's is pretty good, but I give the edge to the Big Vs, Vito's and Village.

              1. re: sloanedone

                I've been eating at Damiano's for years and I finally got tired of the darkness and the "B"s. Vito's is much better on a bunch of different levels. Better crust, better ingredients (you can see your food!). I would never eat at salad at Damiano's, but the Antipasto at Vito's is pretty good. My wife really likes the cannolis as well.

                1. re: bsquared2

                  I live around the corner from Damiano's and have been there only once. I found the pizza then to be really greasy. I recall thinking the garlic bread was okay. With everyone talking about it, maybe I will try it out again.

                  I am definitely going to Vito's soon, though.