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Oct 1, 2007 03:17 PM

Restaurants in Ayer

I see the post for restaurants in Leominister and maybe this is a redundant post...they are quite close. Having said that, we are staying in Ayer next Saturday night. What's decent ( doesn't have to be fab) that's within a 10 minute drive of Ayer. I know there is a place called O'Hanlon's in they serve food?

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  1. O'Hanlons does serve food....but there is a good Korean restaurant in Ayer called Woo Jung. Have had many a lunch there and have been very pleased. They do not serve alcohol and I'm not so sure of there BYOB policy. It's on West Main Street and their panchan is very good.

    1. Here's a place in Devens:

      I have only eaten there twice, 2 years apart. Can't remember the first time. Had lunch there in June. Just a burger and it was fine, not great not horrible.

      Here are a couple more sites to check out: In Ayer in Harvard on Rte 111 on Main St in Groton gets very busy at dinner time as it is pretty small.
      Tiny's in Ayer no website

      As you can see not much in Ayer itself. The Korean place has gotten pretty good reviews here.

      Check out the sites and if you have questions ask away. Good luck.

      1. O'Hanlon's (right in downtown) has very decent pub food and a lively atmosphere on weekend nights.As the other poster said, the Korean place is very good (one of my local favorites). Also, the Bull Run Inn in Shirley is about a 10 minute drive west. The food is OK, but the old inn is nice and they are mostly well known for their live music and bands (jazz, etc.)

        1. thanks everyone...looks like we won't go hungry.