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Looking for Polish Smoked Meats - Sausages

Looking for a really great place to buy quality polish smoked meats and sausages. I realize that this is not Chi-town but am looking for the best and widest selection of smoked meats including: kielbasa etc.....

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  1. you'll probably have the most luck in the greenpoint neighborhood of northern brooklyn. it's mostly all polish...

    1. There is the East Village Meat Store on 2nd Ave 10th Street. They have a variety of Polish meat and sausages and ham. The people there all speak their mother language and you see the grandfather working with the grandkids on Saturday.

      They are closed on Sundays, and during the summer they also close on Monday. Weekdays they close at 6 (but sometimes earlier when they feel like going home early...)

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        That would be East Village Meats or Baczynsky's. It's between 9th St. & St. Marks on the West side of the street.

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          thanx for the info. this is close to my office and looks like the real deal.

        2. There's a Hungarian Meat Market on 81st and Second Avenue. I also recommend Schaller & Weber, a German butcher, on Second Avenue between 85th and 86th Streets

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            Yes ... It's also called Yorkville Meat Emporium ... Kind of confusing ...


            They don't have a Polish kielbasa, but they do have house-made long pork sausage, both fresh and half-cooked, in the Hungarian style ... Meaning lots of paprika. :) They also have cured/smoked tongue, various bacons, sometimes smoked poultry -- I think I saw a turkey or goose leg in there once -- and the like.

            In addition, they have some imported, cured Italian meats in their display case.

            Great, fun little place to go shopping.

          2. Mandler's the Original Sausage Co.

            1. I second --> http://hungarianmeatmarket.com/

              The whole place smells like a smoker (but in a good way, a really good way).

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                the hungarian meat shop on 81st and second is one of those places i hope stays around forever-everything there is so old world and deeeeeeelish!!!

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                  I agree. Old World and artisanal, is, and always has been, the way to go. We really need to hold on to these values and skills -- it's our loss when they're gone.

              2. Check out the meat store at Chelsea Markets...

                I like to eats.

                1. I was going to say Kurowycky's on 2nd Ave, but I just saw that they closed after 52 years.