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Oct 1, 2007 03:06 PM

recipes from magazines [Moved from General Topics board]

now i am not talking gourmet, taste of home etc...
i am talking the non food mags redbook,woman's day etc.....
where do the best recipes /worst (that you have actually tried ) come from

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  1. Some of the regional magazines like Sunset and Midwest Living have good recipes.

    1. I've found great recipes in Chatelaine, the Canadian women's mag. I read the French edition, but I'm sure the English one is just as good.

      I also like a lot of the recipes in Self and Runner's World magazines. They're definitely on the healthier side, which I like.

      1. Worst from Reader's Digest.

        1. I have found some great recipes when I used to subscribe to Real Simple magazine. Nothing too fancy, but good for every day cooking especially when you're short on time.

          I've since bought the Real Simple cookbook that is a compilation of the magazine recipes, and I'm about 2 weeks into making every recipe from the cookbook. Going great so far!

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            Favorites so far? I like the food in Real Simple. Which ones have knocked your socks off?

            1. re: foxy fairy

              I would highly recommend this recipe book to anyone that is a beginner to intermediate cook- all of the recipes have been really easy to follow and tasty too. I say beginner to intermediate because anyone that is a serious chef will probably find these recipes to be TOO simple.

              Of the handful I've made so far, I'd have to say the Bolognase (sp) sauce, Not-so-sloppy joes (with ground turkey but still really moist and flavorful), and the roasted chicken have been highlights so far - I'm still only about 2 weeks in though, so hopefully more favorites to come!

          2. good housekeeping, ladies home journal