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Oct 1, 2007 03:01 PM

Afghan restaurant! ? (Tempe, AZ)

Hi everyone,
As I was driving on Elliot west of Rural? I'm not exactly sure where, but I saw a little restaurant called Kabob Palace -- afghan dining (I'm not 100% positive on the name) in a strip mall. It looked like maybe it hasn't opened yet. Anyhow, I'm not sure if this place will just be serving kabobs, or if it will have other types of Afghan cuisine.. but I'm feeling hopeful.

Has anyone heard of this place?

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  1. i hadn't heard of it yet, i hope its great!! i loved the afghani food i tried in the bay area while i lived there. good stuff!!!

    1. THe sign's been up for a while. Don't think it's open yet. we're looking forward to trying it...there was an afghani place in seattle we really liked.

      1. saw that as well..It's near Sushi Eye and a stone's throw from Fascinations..Can't wait for it to open.

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          so its right in chain food alley?

          good luck to 'em!

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            I tried to get the g/f to try it the other luck. Looks like a place I'll have to try by myself.

            1. re: cowateni

              sounds like we have similar gfs. I'll have to take mine one day after work when we have no plans, so she can go home and shower afterwards.

          2. So L and I went to the Kabob Palace (that's the name) for dinner last night. We arrived around 7 pm and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The last time I had Afghan food was in India over 7 years ago and my memory was hazy.

            While waiting for L to arrive - I ordered the Aushak which is a scallion and leak filled ravoli covered with meat (beef) sauce and yogurt as a starter. I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

            Although perhaps a little took oniony for me - I enjoyed the tangyness of the yogurt in contrast to the beef sauce. We mopped it up with bread that came on the side.

            L orderd the Kofta Kabob (ground beef mixed with green onion, fresh cilantro garlic and then grilled) and I had the Mourgh Challow (Chicken breast sauteed with spices and yellow split-peas).

            I have to say that I enjoyed the Kofta Kabob (possibly the best Kabob I have ever had in my life) more then my Mourgh.

            The Kofta Kabob was tender, juicy and delicious. The waiter told us that they prepare everything fresh from when you order it. So while we were waiting, they were in the back adding spices and preparing the kabob before it was grilled.

            I also found out that the owner/chef originally owned an Afghani restaurant in the Bay Area before he moved here.

            But back to the food - my Mourgh was good. I was expecting something more spicy like an Indian curry which it was not. I'd rate it as ok...Next time I'll get the Kofta Kabob.

            Both dishes were served wtih Challow (rice) and the Kofta Kabob came with an eggplant dish as well..

            Unfortunately they were out of the Rice pudding or I would have had that for dessert.

            I'll go back for the Kabob..