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Casual group dinner for 50 in Queens [Moved from Tristate Region]

VeggieFan Oct 1, 2007 02:51 PM

Can anyone suggest restaurants in Queens - not far from LaGuardia, which can handle a group of about 50 people. I arrange a meal a few times a year for a corporate group. Some of the particulars:
Good food (of course!) - does not have to be fancy
Price for food including tax/tip in the range of $35-ish
Can offer a limited menu, or buffet
Has a bar (at additional cost)
Has either a private room or area in which we can all be seated (we do not have speeches)
Mid-week - might be a Tuesday or Wednesday
Welcomes group business, especially on an off-night (as opposed to simply tolerating it or using it as an opportunity to upsell every course.)

I have found that family owned and operated places seem to be best. In the past we have done some pub meals, a small, continental restaurant that closed to others for the night, a family-style Italian place, a Thai place that created a buffet.

I am sure that there are many hidden gems out there and could use some help in locating them.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions - many thanks as I continue to provide my group the culinary tour of Queens!

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    jennsch Oct 1, 2007 03:35 PM

    I had a dinner for about 30 people at Pio Pio -- and it was great fun. I'd definitely do it again.

    OK -- I tried to do the stupid link to location thing and it added in the freakin' cleaners and won't let me remove it. The right location is 84-15 Northern Blvd.

    Pio Cleaners [DUPLICATE; DELETE
    ]16912 35th Ave, Queens, NY

    1. m
      Mike V Oct 1, 2007 03:49 PM

      I would recommend Cavalier Restaurant, 85-19 37th Ave in Jackson Heights about one mile from the airport. This restaurant has a private room that would easily accomodate a party of 50, is in your price range and has a full American bar at reasonable prices. This restaurant has been in business for many years and welcomes business groups and private parties. This restaurant has a price fixed dinner which I believe is about $22 which includes dessert but no drinks. The food is Continental/American with lots of beef, chicken, veal and seafood entrees.

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      1. re: Mike V
        seneca Oct 1, 2007 06:27 PM

        When I first moved to JH I was invited to a St. Patricks Day prix-fixe dinner at Cavalier. The only thing I remember on the menu was a chicken pot pie (or something along those lines). The room seated at least 50, if not more like 75 or 80, yet it's a fairly small room so would probably work great for 50 (cozy feeling).
        I think it's a good suggestion. However, I definitely didn't think the food was anything special - kind of like going back in time (standard American food).

      2. r
        Rocky2 Oct 1, 2007 11:51 PM

        I've attended group dinners at Uncle Peter's, between 83rd and 84th Streets and Northern Blvd, many times. It's cozy and attentive. And I can't hate any place that have hearty olive oil and crusty bread on the table for dipping.

        1. v
          VeggieFan Oct 2, 2007 04:46 AM

          Thank you for the ideas!

          I love Pio Pio - both food and atmosphere - and have enjoyed some great small group meals there. However with a large group I need to offer a wider selection of food, something for vegetarians, etc.

          I also agree with Uncle Peters, and used them for one of these meals. Food was yummy, service great and I had a very happy group after a relaxed evening Also, they were great to work with, which I really appreciate.

          I do not know the Cavalier, so will look at that one.
          Many thanks

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