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Oct 1, 2007 02:37 PM

The Verdugo (Bar) in Glassell Park

Anybody know what is up with this place?

Went last Wed. and it was open........nice place...kinda spacious and not too many people.....good location.......they supposedly have a gourmet hot dog cart and sushi on certain nights.......
Dropped by on Fri. and Sat. and it was closed both times (9:00 @ night)....


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  1. Strange...I was there last week too and it seemed ok...maybe a little too fancy for the neighborhood crowd that was there...the hot dog cart was there. But I have no idea why they would be closed..could it have been too early? BTW, there were some very promising-looking taco tables and trucks in the vicinity...any idea which are good?

    1. i didn't get the exact details, but i was told that they have a liquor license issue. it's probably just some sort of a paperwork error from the transfer, but they had to close (for now) last thursday, i think.

        1. re: cfylong

          It's on Verdugo Rd. (2 blocks South of Eagle Rock Blvd.) on the left side.
          Kinda hard to find if you're not paying attention.....
          Only signage says "Cocktail", and that's obscured by a tree.
          It's on a corner between Ave. 37 & 38 I think. There is a small parking lot and you enter in the rear.

        2. The city of LA didn't think they got what they deserved in the remodling of verdugo so they went for a hardcore permit press from what I hear. Should be back open soon..