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Oct 1, 2007 02:36 PM

Queens Sports Bars

Are there any decent places to watch the playoffs in Sunnyside, Woodside or Astoria? I'd love a place that actually turns up the volume and has a fun atmosphere and decent food. I suggested these neighborhoods since I work in Queens but live in Manhattan and would like to be close to public transportation home, plus getting my work friends into Manhattan can be a chore sometimes. I'm hoping the bars will still be a fun place to watch and that the Mets choking doesn't dampen the spirit of Yankees fans who live and hang out in Queens. Any thoughts?

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  1. I have a soft spot for McCann's on Ditmars (3615 Ditmars, to be exact) in Astoria. Style it's lacking, but the staff is friendly, they have a million TVs (and it is not a big place -- cozy and boisterous, more like), and they've got the full selection of bar food -- burgers, wings, etc.

    I actually prefer the Irish Rover on 28th Ave at 38th St in Astoria for straight-up sports watching, but they don't have a kitchen.

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      I'm a big fan of Mcann's and think their food, primarily the wings are pretty good. Its also a fun atmosphere, but I don't think its the best place to watch a game. There's one big tv and lots of small tv's, but not really a sports bar enviroment. Broadway Station is much closer to that, but I don't know if I'd consider it a fun place to watch a game, though I like it.

    2. A favorite of mine has always been Broadway Station in Astoria at Bway between 30th and 31st. Big flat screens all over the place, pitchers of beers, decent grub, good crowd. I'll give a big second to McCann's too. Woodside and Sunnyside, I'm not so sure about, though P.J. Horgans always has sports on the TV's and ranks as one of my top 5 fish and chips places. Their other food is good too.

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        on the other side of queens blvd (southside) near the 40th street station is the courtyard - they seem to always have some sort of sports game on. i notice they have flat screen TVs and the likes. the biggest bonus is the really good taco truck that parks right outside of the courtyard after 8-9pm. i see a lot of people going in/out of the bar to the taco truck.

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          Courtyard is nice, and the taco truck is great - run by good guys too. But Courtyard has no food of its own. Another favorite in Sunnyside that does serve food is Horgan's next to the theater on the north side of Queens Blvd. Really good burgers and other pub food in a nice cozy setting with many sports fan regulars. On the south side of QB is the huge, glitzy, and newly renovated Sidetracks with many big TVs and a bizarrely wide-ranging menu. I haven't been in there yet, and I didn't like the version that preceded it at all, but it sure is attention grabbing.

          Down in my neighborhood there's a cluster of Irish pubs around the 61st St. 7 train. I like Saints and Sinners on Roosevelt just west of the 7 stop. Very cozy Irish place with about 20 TVs, nice bartenders, and OK food. Of course the burger at Donovan's down the street is better, and famous, but the bar sports-watching area there is pretty small with only a couple TVs. Legends on 35th Ave. just east of the BQE in Jackson Heights is a nice place to watch a game, and the BBQ in the back, although it can be a bit variable in quality, is great when its on.

          I'll warn you though, that all of these places are pretty hard-core Mets country (well, it is Queens...). And that in some of the Irish places, particularly in Woodside, soccer, rugby, or even hurling will sometimes take preference over baseball (especially Yankees baseball).

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            i totally missed the point that OP is asking about watching the yankees. i don't think it's a good idea to go to any of the more local watering holes in this area, we're METS fans here!

            i completely forgot about sidetracks. the renovations have made this place very spiffy and it's fairly crowded everytime i walk by. this place definitely has a good number of TVs and i feel like i've seen the yankees game on one of the screens in passing. seems like they completely revamped their menu and i actually think it's a nice change for the neighborhood.

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              Well, actually I think it's a myth that only Mets fans reside in Queens. There are plenty of Yankee fans here. In western Queens you can find places that play both Yankee and Mets games, never fear. As a baseball fan - and yes, I follow the Yankees primarily, though I enjoy the Mets as well - I've found the best places to watch a game in Astoria to be McCanns and the Irish Rover. McCanns does have decent food and you can also bring food to the Rover - a couple options that I like are picking up some slices at Rizzo's on Steinway (near 30th Ave) or getting a fantastic sandwich at Sal, Kris, and Charlie's over on 23rd Ave (near 35th Street) and bringing it with.

              I used to recommend Sunswick in Astoria, but I had an unfortunate experience there when they refused to change any of the TVs from football to baseball, and their attitude about it really soured me on them. It's too bad, because I like the beer and food. Later that day we discovered that the ball game was on at La Guli bakery on Ditmars, of all places!

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                As a past resident of Astoria, when paying Monday's rent is determined by Sunday's football scores, the tv station is not changing.