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Oct 1, 2007 01:29 PM

iso: india beans

my favourite coffee by far were some beans i picked up in philly and the best i can ascertain regarding their origin is that they are a 3 or 4 bean mix of.. india beans.

i have never seen india beans for sale before in my life. with various roast levels, it blended so wonderfully to give a rich deep flavour nuanced with nuttiness, chocolate and a beautiful fullness with barely a hint of acidity. nothing i try in toronto ever compares to this. it's like a warm thick cup of cocoa but bean based and the biggest hit of caffeine.

so, india beans... i need them. i want them...... do you know where i can get them?

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  1. If by "india beans" you mean "beans from India", you might be looking for monsooned coffee. Usually from the Malabar regeion of India and called "Monsooned Malabar" it is processed and aged during monsoon season, yielding a particular flavour profile (lightly musty, pungent, caramel, low acid).

    Locally, I think Green Beanery ( roasts one.


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    1. re: detritus

      here's the exact description they offer

      "A unique four-bean blend of delicious India Plantation A coffee (grown with traditional shade and organic methods), the bittersweet tang of French Roast, and a touch of Mocha Java."

      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        "India Plantation A" is a quality grade - it's the second highest grade for Indian washed Arabica coffee. So, my guess that you were describing monsooned was wrong.

        I don't know of any local suppliers of Indian coffee (other than Monsooned Malabar). There might be one though, or a local roaster might use it in a blend. You'd have to ask around.