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good date place?

Any recommendations for a great date restaurant that will not break the bank? We live in Silverlake so East Side is better for us but are open to driving a little ways (but I think Venice is out of the question). THANK YOU!

P.S. I tried Mozza but there are no avails left for this Friday.

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  1. Do you have a monetary limit as to what you are looking at spending and how many drinks you would like included in the price?

    1. Not sure about how big your bank is, but hopefully this doesn't break it... Lucques? AOC? Hungry Cat?

      1. Cliff's Edge is a perfect date spot in the area (if you haven't already been there). Make sure you sit in the patio... I'd think about $100 for 2.

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          I second Cliff's Edge. It feels very romantic and special, and it's right in your price range.

        2. Well, I guess that would depend on the sort of date you want and which # date you are talking about. There is a cafe I love. Not expensive, and like I said, cafe. Great for desert/ coffee and sitting around talking. Nice large patio lit with string along lights; quaint, I'd say. They also have lunch/diner (cafe style) and breakfast (until 2:30). Not a get dressed up and pick up a girl for a fancy night out, but for a relaxed get to know a cute girl/guy- about the best place I know-- Aroma Cafe on Tujunga between Moorpark and Ventura.

          1. Lucques and Off Vine are both cozy.

            1. Since you're on the East side, I'd go to Bashan


              It's new, it's got an amazing chef (read the bio on the website), it's a classy little room, great service, quality ingredients, great for a date.It's a place for food-not a scene-ster place so no "cool" wanna be hipster people watching...just a great place to pay attention to your date, and if your date sucks, at least you got a quality meal.

              1. First date? Carney's on Sunset for a chili dog. Then a movie at the Archlight for some good popcorn with real butter (can't talk during the movie -- the less said on a first date the better). Then MILK on Beverly for a shake, ice cream cone, cookie or slice of Blue Velvet cake. IMO, this should work most dates because dates are like a prelude to what life together would be like -- time spent alone, enjoying good eats together at several stops along the way, and some good talk between the stops.

                1. Thank you everyone! My date and I have been partners for many years so we need something extra special for the rare dates we still go on (boohoo). I would like to keep the limit to $100 including wine/drinks if possible. I know, it's not much, that's why I need help!

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                    Steak and Lobster for two? The regular steak and lobster dinner "Split." Share the steak, a giant baked potato and rice pilaf but when it is "Split" for an little extra charge it all comes on two plates with two lobster tails -- one for each of you. The dinner includes two all you can eat salads and cheese toast.

                    North Woods Inn
                    7247 Rosemead Blvd.
                    San Gabriel, CA
                    (626) 286-8284