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Oct 1, 2007 12:54 PM

Pre-theater dinner?

I am coming into town soon and am going to see Wicked at the Oriental Theater on Randolph. Any suggestions for a good (not too fancy/expensive) pre-theater dinner in the area? I used to live in Chicago ten years ago, but all I can remember in that area is the Italian Village...

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  1. Within 1-2 blocks, you have two excellent, moderately-priced choices:

    Atwood Cafe (American) -
    Trattoria No. 10 (Italian) -

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      I think Trattoria No. 10 is far superior to any place at Italian Village. On another note, I have had very good luck at Park Grill, and decent luck at 312 Chicago (particularly, their game entrees). I think Trattoria No. 10 and Park Grill are your best bets, although Park Grill is a bit farther from the theater.

      I would avoid Petterino's and South Water Kitchen -- I have had sub-par meals at both restaurants on multiple occasions.

      1. re: BRB

        While Trattoria No. 10 is very good, don't knock Vivere if you haven't been there recently; it is absolutely superb. Italian Village has three restaurants - the Village, the Cantina, and Vivere. Although the Village and the Cantina are nothing great, please don't confuse them with Vivere, the downstairs restaurant, by far the most elegant of the three. Vivere has a dish (I think it's on the specials rather than the regular menu, but they usually have it) of braised short ribs over polenta that is to die for.

        I mentioned Trattoria No. 10 first because it's a block closer to the theater, but Vivere is every bit as good; both are excellent if you enjoy Italian food. Prices are similar, with entrees averaging mid-twenties at both.

        1. re: nsxtasy

          I was at Vivere a few months ago, shortly after the new chef stepped in, and I had a very lackluster meal, although I found the menu very interesting. I enjoyed Vivere much more in the past. Maybe the new chef was just getting his feet wet . . . I don't know . . . but I have found Trattoria No. 10 to be consistently very good.

    2. South Water Kitchen (Regional American) -

      I have not been there myself, but have heard good things about it (and it's very close to the theater)...

      1. I just had a very nice pre-theater dinner at Atwood Cafe on Friday night. 3 courses for $45, plus an additional $20 for wine pairings with each course.