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Oct 1, 2007 12:44 PM

Best Hansen's Cake Flavors?

I am ordering a cake from Hansen's this week for my best friend's bday. I usually go with the same one every time and am ready for a switch...I am aware of their service issues but think the taste of the cake and the price are worth the annoyance. Does anyone have a favorite combo? I'm talking cake flavor, and both filling inside and frosting outside. Let me know, need to order by Wed morning. Much appreciated...

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  1. There is only one way to order a Hansen's cake. Half a sheet with italian marbel cake (chocolate and vanilla - so everyone is happy) - the filling is choclate buttercream with choclate chips - order it extra thick and remind them to bring the filling out to the corners. The frosting has to be white buttercream. Decorate as you wish. This cake is good both room temperature and cold, out of the freezer cold.


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      seconded. the chocolate cake with the white chocolate chocolate chip filling is also pretty good.

    2. Big fan of their Danish gold, the French custard filling, and the Vanilla Buttercream.

      White cake + raspberry filling + white chocolate buttercream or frosting

      1. The only way to decide is to go in and sample their offerings, that's what I do!