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Oct 1, 2007 12:25 PM

all'angelo tasting menu?

in my last visits to azami on melrose, i never thought twice about the new italian restaurant couple doors down. after the positive reviews from several hounds (most recently from russkar) about all'angelo, i've made my dinner reservation for next thu evening. it'll be a special night, and hopefully memorable meal, as i am celebrating an anniversary. i spoke to a lady on the phone who took my info and kindly offered to fax a menu. however, she had no idea what i was talking about when i inquired about a tasting menu. website is still not ready and that's where i usually get all the info. is there anybody who has been or knows that can enlighten me on the availability of a tasting menu, wine pairing, corkage, prices at all'angelo?

ps. yeah i know about the white truffle tasting going on this week but that's on a whole nother level above my pay grade!

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  1. Yes, All' Angelo does have tasting menus (other than the truffle event starting tomorrow night).

    Menus are generally individually tailored, starting from $75/person to upwards of $250/person. Wine pairing extra.

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      Truffle Event?? Is it by entree or tasting menu? How much is it? 411! Excited already!

      1. re: cynthia105

        Tasting menu. I want to say its $180 (or thereabouts). Wine pairing extra. Starts tomorrow. Call ahead.

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            White truffles are wholesaling at 4000- per lb so it's easy to see where 80- for truffles per person can add up pretty quick. Certainly not cheap but not unreasonable either.
            It's 75- for a Mini Truffle Pizza at Angelini.

      2. bin8945 and melisse are my other 2 choices. never been to either but i know they're both supposed to be great as well.

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          I'm a big Bin8945 fan, can't go wrong there.

          1. re: zack

            We love Melisse also but it's twice the $$ for the Carte Blanche TM(140-ea) which is our favorite. Bin is ok but not at the same level. All Angelo is strong and a fresh new place. We'll be there Wed.