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Flying Saucer to Land in Austin!

As I drove by the Triangle development on 45th St yesterday, I definitely saw the Flying Saucer logo on the list of establishments to open. This will probably not redefine the Chowhound scene in central Austin, but nevertheless I am excited!

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  1. As bar food goes, the other Flying Saucers I've been to can turn out some decent plates. Their wide beer selection make this a good non-downtown alternative to the the Ginger Man (although GM's roast beef sandwich with horseradish is a MIGHTY fine sandwich).

    1. Can I claim ignorance and ask what is a Flying Saucer????

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        It's a chain of beer bars. Here's a discussion from another site of the one in Houston:


      2. Yes, but WHEN?? The sign has been up for a very very long time. It's just a really small sign. I've been talking this up to everyone (based on my only experience at the location in Ft. Worth) so I can hardly wait.

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          'Right around the end of the year', according to the response I just got from someone at the other end of their website.

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            The logo is also in this month's Austin Monthly in an ad for the Triangle. So it's definitely coming. Anything that expands beer beer options is a great thing!

        2. So this is not the Flying Suacer of San Francisco fame?

          1. Flying Saucer started in Dallas I believe, and they have one in Houston downtown on Main street. Think Ginger Man with more lighting and more food. I prefer the the divyness of Ginger Man but I'm not going to complain about more good beer, which the Flying Saucer will have. Hopefully it won't put the squeeze on the Drafthorse though.

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              The Draught House - as it is currently - has an established and loyal clientele. In fact, I'm one of them. I doubt they will easily be lured away, especially not to a place where you're unlikely to be able to tailgate and drink in the parking lot!

            2. Being as that I have never enjoyed the taste of beer and drink wine primarily, I don't really like that flying saucer doesn't even offer ONE wine on their menu. I know that they're a beer bar and everything, but not everyone drinks beer. However, it happens to be that my friends love beer so we generally go places like the flying saucer that has a good selection, and I'm unable to drink ANYTHING there. Gingerman almost always has 6 selections of pretty decent wine on their menu on top of all their beers, and cater to those who just don't like beer. Wish FS would consider the same.

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                Vino Vino is a few minutes walk away, and they also have food AND beer!

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                  I've heard good things about that place, I'll have to try it

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                  The San Antonio Flying Saucer has plenty of wines in stock. I'd guess they have upwards of 20+ wines in a little black book you order from. I'm not sure the quality of the wines because I go to drink lots of beer.

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                    Looks like the official opening date of the Austin location is January 7. It's in the Triangle, right opposite Mandola's.

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                      Stopped at Mandola's last night and I think there's no way they can have the Flying Saucer open today. Indeed, the whole Triangle complex is a total construction mess right now.

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                        Indeed, I noticed that they had removed the opening date from their web site, so I emailed them. "Probably Thursday" was their reply, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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                          The Flying Saucer is open.
                          We just got back. Like the San Antonio location, they have a wide selection of beers, frat boy atmosphere, and waitresses in "Hooter's length" skirts. In all not my style, although tonight all food is free. Draught House your still my favorite neighborhood bar!

                  2. re: Johnny Thunders

                    Stopped in at The Saucer yesterday afternoon and asked for a wine list. They have 6 reds available by the glass: Hope Estate Merlot (House pour) $6, 7 Deadly Zins $9, 2 Up Shiraz $7, Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon $8, Bottega Pinot Noir $9, and Hess Cabernet Sauvignon $8 and 7 whites available by the glass: Gabbiano Pinot Grigio (House pour) $6, Clean Slate Riesling $6.50, Edna Valley Chardonnay $7, Kendall Jackson Reserve Chardonnay $7, Geyser Peak Sauvigon Blanc $9, Bottega Pinot Grigio $9, Berringer White Zinfandel $5. These are all available by the bottle as well, ranging from $18 to $32 per bottle. they've also got Acacia Carneros Pinot Noir at $50 a bottle and Etude Pinot Gris at $45. I don't know anything about wine, so I can't comment on the quality.

                    Sunday is $2.50 Texas beers, so I think I'll be having a couple Live Oak Liberations this afternoon and checking out their bratwurst nachos Cheers!

                  3. Rats--I really wanted to like this place!

                    Was in Little Rock over Christmas, and there's a Flying Saucer there. I only stepped in to use the restroom, but it looked really nice--lots of people playing board games, reading the paper, and just hanging out. It felt a lot closer to a true pub vibe than I've yet found in Austin.

                    Sgarland, did you eat anything? Any reviews for us?

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                      I assume that you've never been to the Dog & Duck Pub or The Draught House? These are much closer to the "pub vibe" IMO than the Flying Saucer will ever be. Flying Saucer has a great beer selection, but it's a chain and has the "chain vibe" to it. I'll be sticking to The Draught House, Dog & Duck Pub, BB Rovers, Opal's or any number of the other pubs in town.

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                        Really? I like the Dog & Duck quite a bit, have not been to the Draught House. But they still feel like American bars to me rather than pubs. When I lived in England, the pubs in my town had more families than singles. Old guys playing checkers with their buddies for hours on end. They felt more like giant living rooms than like bars. The FS in Little Rock really did have that vibe. I should've had a drink there when I had a chance!

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                          Dog & Duck is going away due to draconian landlords and whatnot. That being said, it is the most precious and true to the friendly family public house theme in all of Central Texas.

                          Having been there many a Saturday lunchtime, I can vouch for the friendly family feel: a husband and wife with two or more children dining, laughing, playing, and maybe even shooting pool. A newborn in a bassinet-cum-carseat dining and enjoying a Guinness while chowing down a ploughman's plate. Me, sitting and watching all of this while enjoying a Willie burger.

                          The point is that while D&D might not offer that family experience at ten PM on a Friday, they certainly do at noon on a Saturday. Timing is everything.

                          God bless 'em. Best juke box in town.

                          1. re: tom in austin

                            Are you saying the Dog & Duck is closing? When? This sucks!

                            I know the Gingerman's lease runs out in 2009, but they are looking to relocate. If we lose the Dog & Duck too? Ugh!

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                              I had not heard this about D&D. I know that Gingerman is getting pushed out, but had not heard the same was happening to the Dog & Duck. Is this public knowledge?

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                            I couldn't find a single beer on their website that Draught House or Gingerman don't have -- well, good, mostly Belgian styles anyway.

                        2. I am a ring of honor member of SA Flying Saucer and they do have a wide selection of wines here in SA. As far as food goes it can be hit or miss. Pizza is mediocre at best but salads are decent. Sandwiches are pretty good but appetizers are only adequate, of course after a few beers they get better..... They will have a brewery night on Wednesdays that feature a different brewery or beer and every so often they will have a brewmaster come in and discuss their brews (Dogfish, Sierra Nevada) and pair it with food, like a wine dinner. I have found the Saucer here is SA t be a great place to try many beers that I would never get to taste otherwise. Some real tasty and others to avoid. By the way the servers here in SA make the trip from Boerne well worth the drive..

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                            I stopped by friday night with the bf and the place was packed. We would have settled in for several beers if we were able to score a seat and have a bite. I thought the menu looked pretty decent for pub grub. Give me a few pints and an order of the fat pretzels and I would have been a happy girl! We only stayed for a quick pint but will definitely be back!

                          2. Left work early and stopped in today. Here's my take.

                            Their beer selection rivals the Gingerman for the best in town, especially if you factor in bottles. (I've had some lousy pours at Dog & Duck lately, so for me they're out of that discussion). There's a 4 page photocopied beer menu that I snagged on the way out. It's well organized according to both style and region. It gives you a quick summary of the style, but the individual beers are not described except for name and origin. There are around 200 beers on the list, so I understand.

                            A couple of cool beer features. Free samples (at least of drafts). 6 prearranged "flights" of five glasses arranged by region, 5 oz. pours, or build your own flight for $10. Wednesday is a glassware giveaway. Monday is pint night - $2.50 pints. There's a $2.75/pint "fire sale" special every day.

                            I sat at the bar and had a good idea of what I wanted, so I can't comment on the staff's knowledge. But everything I tried was fresh and served properly. Per an earlier post, the waitresses are dressed in short skirts - take that however you want - but the crowd seemed pretty diverse.

                            As mentioned, there is a wine menu, and they even have a (very limited) liquor selection. The set-up is a lot like a clean-scrubbed Gingerman, with some tables and a lounge-style area with sofas and upholstered chairs. On the "deck" there are 15 or so 4-person picnic tables, but you're on a concrete slab in the shadow of an apartment complex. Not much atmosphere out there.

                            The food is simple pub grub - pizza, wraps, burgers, bratwurst. They have a selection of cheeses and a little tip sheet on the menu for beer & cheese pairings, a cool touch.

                            Parking is awful at The Triangle and probably always will be.

                            Great beer, reasonable prices, OK atmosphere and food. Definitely going back.

                            As an aside, Flying Saucer has Real Ale's new seasonal, Phoenixx, a "double" ESB. Caramel and chocolate flavors with a nice hop finish. Worth a try wherever you drink it.

                            1. Parking is also available on the first two floors of the parking garage for the apartments. There is another garage that appears almost complete on the "backside" of the Saucer. I agree, parking will always be awful here, but hopefully the new garage will ease some of the woes as other restaurants start opening too.