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Oct 1, 2007 12:11 PM

Flying Saucer to Land in Austin!

As I drove by the Triangle development on 45th St yesterday, I definitely saw the Flying Saucer logo on the list of establishments to open. This will probably not redefine the Chowhound scene in central Austin, but nevertheless I am excited!

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  1. As bar food goes, the other Flying Saucers I've been to can turn out some decent plates. Their wide beer selection make this a good non-downtown alternative to the the Ginger Man (although GM's roast beef sandwich with horseradish is a MIGHTY fine sandwich).

    1. Can I claim ignorance and ask what is a Flying Saucer????

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      1. re: whoalilponie

        It's a chain of beer bars. Here's a discussion from another site of the one in Houston:

      2. Yes, but WHEN?? The sign has been up for a very very long time. It's just a really small sign. I've been talking this up to everyone (based on my only experience at the location in Ft. Worth) so I can hardly wait.

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        1. re: redsmile

          'Right around the end of the year', according to the response I just got from someone at the other end of their website.

          1. re: TAF

            The logo is also in this month's Austin Monthly in an ad for the Triangle. So it's definitely coming. Anything that expands beer beer options is a great thing!

        2. So this is not the Flying Suacer of San Francisco fame?

          1. Flying Saucer started in Dallas I believe, and they have one in Houston downtown on Main street. Think Ginger Man with more lighting and more food. I prefer the the divyness of Ginger Man but I'm not going to complain about more good beer, which the Flying Saucer will have. Hopefully it won't put the squeeze on the Drafthorse though.

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              The Draught House - as it is currently - has an established and loyal clientele. In fact, I'm one of them. I doubt they will easily be lured away, especially not to a place where you're unlikely to be able to tailgate and drink in the parking lot!