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Oct 1, 2007 11:30 AM

Moving to Studio City

Hey guys. I'm moving to Studio City soon and am not that familiar with the area. I know my requests are a bit specific (I apologize) but here is what I am looking for in the area (trying to keep it to Studio City, Sherman Oaks, and the South end of North Hollywood closer to Ventura Blvd) cheap eats preferably

1. Good Deli Counter for pick up - serving fat sandwiches and good crispy fresh whole dill pickles (preferable offers carved turkey meat) good coleslaw a plus.

2. A nice date appropriate restaurant for under $40 per person including a glass of house wine. Open for suggestions.

3. uncrowded weekend breakfast spot (or breakfast burrito pick-up joint)

4. Inexpensive bar with good bar foods/appetizers (happy hour prices)

5. Mexican - Good Chile Rellenos and chicken tacos

6. Delivery that is not pizza (or if it is I prefer a NY Style thin crust non-chainey place) Very important for the move-in un-packing weekend (boo - i hate moving)

What are your favorite restaurants in that area? Open to suggestions. Thanks guys! (FYI -the search engine on this board is sucky)

miss modular

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  1. Well, for category no. 2, I'd suggest Out Take Bistro or Mezzomondo Trattoria.

    I can't think of anything that fits the other criteria, and I spent a lot of the first 30 years of my life in that area.

    1. 1. For Delis I would suggest Art's on Ventura (just received top honors in this month's Los Angeles magazine) or Suzanne's Country Deli off Ventura, in the Bally's shopping plaza. Suzanne's has hearty sandwiches and salads, and has great turkey subs. Not sure about their coleslaw, but I'm a sucker for their potato salad.

      2. A good, affordable date place is Zach's Italian Cafe, just east of Lankershim. It's tucked away from the road in a converted house. They charge a $5 cork fee if you bring your own wine. I also like Sparks Woodfire Grill - they have a really good wine selection and most of their food is really fresh tasting and grilled healthy.

      3. There are a TON of great places, but most have a decent 15-20 minute wait. My favorites are Jumpin' Java (huge pancakes), Aroma Cafe on Tujunga, and the Good Neighbor (across from the In n' out burger near Cahuenga Pass). I was just at Good Neighbor at 10am this Saturday and we had less than a 5 minute wait.

      4. My favorite neighborhood bar is Timmy Nolan's on Riverside, in Toluca Lake. Not sure about their happy hour specials, but their food is surprisingly flavorful. They have great burgers, sandwiches, and even their pasta is well done for a pub. If you look around, you can find buy-one-get-one free coupons in the mail for Timmy's. I use them all the time.

      5. I've had trouble finding good Mexican food in the area. Stay away from Mexicali at all costs... I've heard good things about Casa Vega and Henry's Taco's on Tujunga, but haven't braved the lines yet at either.

      Welcome to the neighborhood!

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      1. re: thegingerbreadgirl

        Awww you are sweet! Thank you. I like what I see so far. I lived in Sherman Oaks for about a year and liked it but spent most of my time eating in Burbank since I was a slave to my job. I did not venture that much out of Sherman Oaks or Van Nuys (food-wise). I spent a lot of time in my Gelson's deli grabbing stuff for the fridge.

        I just added #6 delivery. Any suggestions?

        1. re: missmodular818

          Have you tried breakfast at Nat's Early Bite in Van Nuys yet? Great spot.

          1. re: Servorg

            I did go there (Nat's) a few times back when I lived in Sherman Oaks. That is my #1 but the wait can be a little much. I remember waiting 30 minutes for a table on a Saturday morning. Their coffee makes up for it though. Besides Nat's I wasn't all too much impressed with other breakfast joints in the area. Didn't care for Jinky's (service mostly). Hated the hype of Jerry's deli (and the wait).

            I mostly grabbed chilaquiles from La Fogata or grabbed a muffin or donut from K's donut emporium just because I get very impatient in the morning before the coffee kicks in. Speaking of which...Any great donut shops in this area?

            1. re: missmodular818

              I know a great donut shop, unfortunately for this discussion it's in WLA, (Primos on Sawtelle). But another great breakfast (or other) place is Hugo's in Studio City:


              1. re: Servorg

                The pumpkin pancakes at Hugo's are the best, but get there early because there can be a long wait.

              2. re: missmodular818

                Honestly there is no breakfast place that comes close to Nat's.

                1. re: klaatu

                  Dunno about that. I honestly was not too impressed with Nat's. I found Hugo's better, Marmalade nicer and tastier, Jinky's has a bigger menu, Dupar's is about the same as nat's, in my mind, and so on. But Nat's beats Denny's!

              3. re: Servorg

                Nat's is ok but I haven't loved their breakfasts. I actually like their tuna salad at lunchtime, they don't over-mayo the tuna and it comes w/hard boiled eggs and beets. For breakfast I prefer, and don't kill me, Cafe 50's on Van Nuys Blvd. across from Solley's. This place gets a bum rap but they do a decent job with breakfast and they make a pretty good BLT also. It's not as expensive as Jinky's (which I like although the service there can be really spotty) and there's never a wait.

                1. re: Debbie W

                  I really don't find Jinky's much of a draw (the Santa Monica branch) and I have been to Cafe 50's a few times, (Santa Monica Blvd. in WLA) almost always for breakfast, and it's just average, run-of-the-mill food.

                  I like Oaxacan food for breakfast, especially Monte Alban in WLA.

            2. re: thegingerbreadgirl

              I've heard that Art's is good. I wasn't sure if it was dining in only as I'm looking for a counter to choose my meats, cheese and sides. Do they have a deli counter there?

              1. re: missmodular818

                Yes, Art's Deli has a deli counter that is fully stocked. Yummy! And to answer your question above, they also deliver.

                1. re: GummyBear

                  Eep. Their prices are a little high don't ya think? I can understand a good sandwich being $10/$12 but why are their triple deckers $20? They must be really big sandwiches.

                  1. re: missmodular818

                    Yes they are really big sandwiches. I asked about them one day. They told me that they put a full pound of meat on those triple decker sandwiches. That's the same as two of their regular sandwiches. My husband and I have seen them being served and they are huge. We haven't ordered them because we usually go on Sundays for our fish and egg brunch. Their overall prices are about the same as all of the other delis in the city.

            3. 1. gelson's in North Hollywood or Sherman oaks or Encino, Arts in Studio City or Brent's in Northridge

              2. Il Tiramisu in Sherman Oaks

              3. HArd to find uncrowded. Try Hugo's Studio City, 4 n 20 (not fabulous, but OK), Aroma Cafe in NH, Marmalade in Sherman Oaks, Sitton's in North Hollywood or the Studio City Farmer's Market (great brekkie burritos there!)

              4. Universal Bar and Grill.

              5. Very little good MExican in the bigger places...look for hole in the wall. me? I make the Drive to Sabor A Mexico

              6. Sushi Delivery USA, Noah's Ark middle eastern, Carnival for pick up,

              I like Great Greek, Il Tiramisu, Artisan Cheese Gallery, Leda's bake Shop, Asanebo Sushi, Gangadin Indian, Simon's Cafe Moroccan, Vendome Toluca Lake wine and spirits, Gelson's Deli and Salad BAr, Boneyard Bistro and so on!

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              1. re: Diana

                Oh cool. What day is the Studio City Farmer Market? I too like Gelson's Deli. Try the chicken champignon sometime. Very good over rice with green bean almondine on the side.

                1. re: missmodular818

                  Farmer's Market is on Sunday on Ventura Place where it crosses Laurel Canyon.

                  I've tried everything in the Gelson's Deli and Salad Bar and Hot food bar without nuts in it!

              2. As mentioned upthread, for delis east of the 405 you're not going to do any better than Art's, one of the top ten in L.A. There's also Jerry's which has the advantage of being 24-hour and delivering ... some people hate it with a red-hot passion, I find it variable but convenient.

                The Village Gourmet on Tujunga isn't a deli per se but an upscale food place with v.g. sandwiches to go. I recommend the chicken curry salad.

                Plenty of date-friendly places, but I'd suggest Aroma Coffee and Tea (across from the Village Gourmet) which serves salads and sandwiches and which many have found to be the ultimate first-date destination:


                And on the very same block is Caioti Pizza Cafe, Ed LaDou's shrine of California pizza, which also offers one of the best weekend breakfasts in the Valley. Jinky's in Sherman Oaks may be the best but it's impossibly crowded esp. on weekends.

                Caioti Pizza Cafe
                4346 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

                Art's Delicatessen & Resturant
                12224 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

                Village Gourmet
                4357 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA

                Aroma Coffee and Tea
                4360 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

                Jerry's Famous Deli Inc Corporate Office
                12711 Ventura Blvd Ste 400, Studio City, CA 91604

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                1. re: maxzook

                  I used to love Aroma, the drinks and food are ok, but as of late I've found the service really bad. Way to much attitude from the order takers behind the counter.

                  I second Caioti for pizza and breakfast. But while the service is always friendly it's also really really slow. Doesn't matter if the place is packed or empty. So go if you have time to leisurely wait.

                2. Second the rec for Il Tiramisu and would suggest Tony's Mexican Grill (Magnolia and Coldwater) for very fresh and tasty mexican. Seafood is definitely their specialty but everything I've had there has been quite good. They also deliver.