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Oct 1, 2007 11:23 AM

Avogaria Restaurant Venice

Has anyone eaten here recently? I've just made a reservation for a birthday dinner in early January.

I ran across very few negative posts, and most people seemed to really enjoy the place (after they found it). But a lot of the feedback is years old at this point, so I was wondering if anyone has frequented Avogaria in recent months.

Please advise, and thanks in advance for your comments :)

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  1. we walked past Avogaria last year - seems to have a design concept (maybe its major claim to fame in a town where most of the good, locally patronized restaurants are rather bare bones??) Im always suspicious when a place is lauded principly for its style but Its included in Michaela Scibilia's book so it must be somewhat good, at least. Within a few minutes walk from there, if you chicken out, are a whole group of restaurants on Calle Lunga San Barnaba and the new San Diele ham specialist restuarant over by Anzolo Raffaele (replacing the old great trattoria there)

    Hope somebody gives you the response you are looking for. If not give it a try - we will look forward to the report back!

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      Definitely! Thanks for sharing what you know, Jen :)

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        Thats San Daniele, sorry

        ps Avogaria is said to offer touches of pugliese or similar southern cuisine, rare in Venice.

      2. We ate at Avogoria last Sunday evening. Its my third time and I always enjoy it. In a city without its share of great dining experiences I find it worthwhile if not overwhelming. BTW, I've never seen Venice so polished and luminous.

        1. My wife and I discovered Avogaria by chance just recently. We very much enjoyed Signora Antonella's fine Pugliese cooking. On our first visit I had the tuna in sesame and my wife the sea bass with a delicate covering of potato. The cooking is light, avoiding cream and butter and the products are first-rate. The wine was hearty and fairly priced. Everything (food, presentation and service) combined to make it a very pleasant evening (and we returned for lunch the following day - vegetable rissotto).

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            Wow, thank you so much for the information! It sounds delicious and I think it's going to be a great choice :) Luckily, my boyfriend isn't picky in the slightest, so it's just a matter of me feeling like I made a good choice since we're there for a limited amount of time and it's his bday. But I'm really happy to hear about your experience and can only hope ours is the same!

            Thx again :)

          2. Just back from three weeks in Italy, with the last spent in Venice. My wife and I ate at Avogaria just days ago. It was excellent! Antonella runs the Puglienese kitchen and her husband Mimmo runs the beautiful, miminalist dining room. I suggest booking a table (maybe early before they run out of some items?) and going with Mimmo's recommendations.

            For the freshest in seafood, you may be interested in heading out to Burano (beautifully picturesque) to Trattoria al Gatto Nero. No cool interiors like at Avogaria, but some of the best seafood we've ever had--and we've lived in Japan!

            For simple, inexpensive, casalinga (home cookin') and tramezzini, check out Osteria da Carla, just west of the west end of Piazza San Marco, down a Sotoportego off Frezzeria (good luck finding it!).

            Enjoy yourselves!

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              Hi everyone!

              We're back from Venice, and Avogaria was wonderful! My boyfriend and I decided it to find it earlier in the day since Venice can be a bit tricky to navigate and we figured we'd have a hard time finding it at night. So, we stopped by earlier in the day, verified our reservations, and each had a mighty stiff cocktail!

              Mimmo was so nice, and upon returning for Jarrett's bday dinner, our waitress brought over two glasses of champagne to our table. It was really a sweet gesture, and the champagne was great!

              If you're ever in Venice, I highly recommend this restaurant for the food, service, atmosphere, and location. It was off the beaten path, but as we all know, this can often provide the best results.

              Thx for weighing in everyone!

              ~ Kyle

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                Where's Mimmo? I just sent a capodanno email to Avogaria and got a reply back from Francesco, who is Antonella's architect brother. Then I looked at the website, and they seem to have not only dropped Mimmo as co-proprietor with Antonella, but written him out of the history of the place! Mimmo was a super proprietor/manager. If anybody has been to Avogaria since this change, I'd like to hear how they are doing now. And if you run across Mimmo Piccolomo managing a restaurant, go in and order!

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                  adding link for Avogaria

                  Calle dell’Avogaria 1629, Dorsoduro, Venice, Veneto 30123, IT