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Oct 1, 2007 10:57 AM

October 2007 - Grocery Outlet

Suppose there should be a new thread for what's currently available.

Land O Lakes butter is back - $2.49 lb
Breyers organic ice cream (vanilla or coffee) $2.99 quart

Earthbound farms Organic prunes (dried plums). MAJOR deal - $1.50 for a 15 oz canister. HOWEVER, the best used by date is 11/15/07. I think they are fine. One warning is that one prune had a sliver of pit in it, so be cautious eating these. Only one so far.

Breyer's omega3 yogurt 6 for $1 ... skip. It is past the expiration date. I bought blueberry a few weeks back when it was 3 for $1. I liked it but I had a cold so didn't feel reliable reporting on it. However, yesterday I was contemplating which flavor to buy when one shopper went into a major rant about not buying it. From her description ... watery with lumps ... it sounds like it turned. We looked at the expiration date and it was 9/28.

September thread. Some of that stuff is still out there. I snagged the last box of Hardy's Shraz Grenache ($3.99 four liters) .... unfortunately. It is ok in a pink wine way but I should have known better since I've never been a fan of any of Hardy's wine.

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  1. Was the taco truck there this time? I used to go quite frequently, mostly for the dried beans, but it was only there about one time in three. This was over a year ago, though.

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      1. re: Marc Wallace

        I work at Summit and so go to the ol' Groc Out regularly and for the last 6 months at least the taco truck has been there every day. It's a common lunch time destination for me, as there's not too much else really close there.

        My big find yesterday was the Cabot Greek-style yogurt, big container for 99 cents. Doesn't expire until 10-29. Flavlor is great, tangy and well balanced. Texture isn't quite as creamy and wonderful as Fage, but still a hell of a deal for a buck.

        1. re: Marc Wallace

          I was there on Friday and the taco truck was there. At the Oakland store, right?

        2. Best find today at RWC GO were chubs (for lack of a better word) of Sonoma Jack cheese in varying sizes for $3.39/lb. They had traditional, hot pepper, garlic jack and chipotle.

          They had the Cabot Greek yogurt as well, but only individual size and in flavored varieties -- chocolate, vanilla bean and tropical fruit. Non-starter for me.

          Also picked up some Alexia frozen sweet potato fries (family size) for $1.99.

          1. Oakland store, 10/7/07

            I am really remiss because I didn't save my receipt, thus don't really remember how much anything was. Yikes. Anyway, I got some Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese Spread that I really like (expired 9/3/07, but still perfectly fine). It's honey walnut flavor.

            We picked up several boxes of the Chateau Les Gravettes box wine discussed in the Sept 2007 GO thread. My husband really likes it and thinks he needs to pick up a bunch more. I totally agree with RL's assessment of it as "thin."

            Danish Choice Blackcurrant Reserve. Delicious. Production date 5/24/07. Best before 5/24/09.

            Martinelli's apple cider, expires sometime in 2009. A somewhat odd taste to it.

            Bought several rose wines--have not tried yet: Red Beret 2004 Cotes du Rhone / Fish Eye Chillin' Red Shiraz 2005. Really horrible labels and names, so it's good that I didn't pick them out--I am the summer rose drinker in the house and maybe I will find a winner that I wouldn't have otherwise picked up.

            Amy's Pizzas -- couldn't find a price anywhere in the 2 freezer areas stocked with these pizzas, but I bought one. Amy's Mattar Paneer frozen dinner, I think $2.99. I love most of the Amy's products, so I'm willing to take a risk on almost everything except the cheeseless or soy cheese pizzas.

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            1. re: Atomica

              Just went to Oakland store yesterday and Amy's pizzas were marked at $4.99 -- I also bought the Amy's Palak Paneer. I agree that most of Amy's frozen dinners are pretty tasty.

              There was also Hero brand sugar-free orange marmalade $.99 for a small jar. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising.

              Although I went seeking Bliscotti (I haven't seen this there for a few while), since there was none, I bought Breyer's French Vanilla - if I recall correctly, it was $1.99/pint.

              And GenSoy Soy Crisps were selling for $.99 in various flavors - Salt and Vinegar, Ranch and Nacho.

              Danish Choice preserves in Blackcurrant, as well as Raspberry is still there, too.

              1. re: hibiscuits

                I wouldn't recommend the sugar-free marmalade. Way too artificially sweet tasting for me.

            2. Those bags of fuji apples (5lb? 10 lb?; 2.99? 3.99? sorry, didn't take notes) out front at the GO in Oakland on Broadway are VERY good--crisp, juicy, sweet; maybe they're not the voluptuous gargantuan ones you get at the farmers markets, but easier to eat out of hand.
              And the Breyer's 15/4.99 vanilla-almond ice cream bars are back. I just read the sign.

              1. Many varieties of Jacobsen's Danish butter cookies for 99ยข. Tried the macadamia and the chocolate chip shortbread fingers with a preference for the shortbread fingers even though most were broken.