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Oct 1, 2007 10:43 AM

Woodstock, NY

We are taking a drive up to Woodstock next weekend - any recommendations for lunch or early dinner (we are not sure what time we will be up there). Price is not an issue one way or the other. Thanks.

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  1. Many threads on this so do a search but definitely Joshua's for lunch and New World Cafe for dinner.

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    1. re: laylag

      Second the New World Cafe for dinner.

      1. re: laylag

        I second Joshua's for lunch.


      2. Joshua's is fine for lunch...a lot of mid-Eastern specialties and great sandwiches for a reasonable price

        1. agree 100% with all posts - new world for dinner (though i'm curious about their brunch) and joshua's for lunch (i would say joshua's for dinner, but the space is so unappealing, i wouldn't want to spend an extended meal there - even with the food being good.)
          if you want a very local, friendly atmosphere, so-so, but not awful food, try gypsy wolf cantina. they have some healthy type burritos and offer black beans.
          i would skip gabrielle's, taco juans, the healthy place that sounds so good and is kind of back in the woods, off tinker st.
          quick bites at bread alone are decent. i don't really like their bread, but coffee, bagels and are good, soups are ok.

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            I didn't care for their bagels tracy. I found the pastries to be excellent though and coffee was decent.

          2. I love the Bear Cafe, just outside of town, and the Red Onion, in nearby Saugerties. If the weather is nice, the deck at the Bear is where it's at.

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              definately the bear. skip terrapin. gadeletto's has some great seafood, but it's not exactly a fine dining experience.

            2. another option is Oriole 9, right on tinker street accross from the green.

              We ate dinner there last spring and it was quite good. I'm not sure why the place gets no love on the board, but we really enjoyed it. Food was inventive (for the area), reasonably priced, and well prepared. Overall a very nice meal.