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Oct 1, 2007 10:06 AM

Apple Picking - Fuji Apples?

We have been tied up just about every weekend, but we really want to get apple picking this year. We should be free after this weekend, but from past experience, a lot of the orchards are picked over by mid-October. I did a little research and it seems like the places that grow Fuji apples have them coming available mid to late October. Luckily for us, they are our favorite eating apples.

Does any have experience picking Fuji's at any of the orchards? If not, any good experiences later in the apple picking season?

By the way, the Fuji's at Stop and Shop have been excellent 2 weeks in a row. I notice that the quality seems hit or miss with these apples and we have bought them from everywhere. Maybe it's just the right time of year.

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  1. We picked at Tougas Farm this weekend ( ), they had unpicked rows of Fuji's roped off from the public. You may want to call them to see when they will be available. Took home lot's of Honeycrisp Apples and some really nice Gala this weekend. We got there when they opened at 10am Sunday morning. By the time we left at 1, there was a 2 mile line waiting to get parking spots.

    Seemed expensive to me though - $15 a peck and $23 for a half bushel.

    Tougas Family Farm
    234 Ball St, Northborough, MA

    1. I just need to put a plug in for the "Jazz" apples that they are carrying at Stop and Shop. A New Zealand apple, incredibly crisp and it's a very very sweet apple.

      I have become addicted to them and live in constant fear that they will disappear without warning.

      1. We picked tons of apple varieties, including Fujis at Dow Orchards in Harvard this past weekend. We go there every year and I was shocked at how many apples they had on the trees this late in the season. They are a great orchard, just apples no frills but the kids can climb trees and run about at will. (Honeycrisp were available but not for picking, just purchase)

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          Did you mean Doe Orchards? Great place, still had Fuji's but McCouns were 10X better. Picking will be fine this weekend.

          1. re: drb

            Yes, Doe...thanks for the clarification. Obviously half awake when I posted! I agree, the Macouns were GREAT and plentiful, my fav. Came home and made a pie with a variety but Macouns are my fav. for eating.