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Oct 1, 2007 10:04 AM

sultan of samosas...what the????

i love the sultan. never did me wrong........ever. but i was there last week and was really dissapointed. i bought a twelve pack of mixed. first bite of a lentil...........a big chunk o' salt, and i mean a BIG chunk. gross..threw it away, figured it was a mistake. the veggie ones had the addition of lima beans and chick peas. the chick peas were umm chickpeas. i love a good curried pea so could not complain, but the limas.........they were the extremely mealy, not tender, frozen variety and not a welcome addition. beef was great, as usual. the chicken was the worst much cilantro i had to search for the chicken part.

has the sultan fallen off? did i just hit them on a bad day?

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  1. I haven't been there for awhile since it's a bit out of my area, but maybe you should have called and told them.

    1. i would prefer to just go to a new place. i have a lead on a delicious samosa joint in scarborough...........just wanted to know if others have a had a gross experience lately. also wondering if quality control is a new issue?

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        I had the vegetable and beef samosas last week, no problems with quality. Disturbing to hear about your experience, hope it was just a bad day, maybe training a new staffer? Still no excuse.

        1. re: JamieK

          Samosas King/Embassy Restaurant in the plaza at the corner of Finch and Middlefield...just don't go on a saturday afternoon...the line ups are ridiculous

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          On this one experience, to consider another place only makes sense in a search for variety. Sultans has sold tons of tasty, not perfect, a little expensive, large variety of samosas to happy customers! One has to consider such a bad experience is probaby a perpetration by a disgruntled employee on their last day! That has to be the frightening aspect for owners and consumers! However, most employees take pride in their work, etc. and in that sense we are all lucky. Living north west of Toronto, I have been in the area infrequently, but my purchases have always been of products, excellent in quality, with professional service provided!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            Don't suppose you'd be willing to tell us what that delicious place you're taking about is, would you? =)

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              Come on, come on! What's your lead! Promise to fill us in once you've tried it? Pretty please?

            2. We had company this evening and weren't up to preparing a lot in advance.
              We decided to be different for a change, to put out some samosa's and settled on Sultan of Samosa.
              The pastry was the thin type which I generally prefer. We got the chicken vegetable and the beef. The beef have been set aside for now but we did serve the chicken vegetable.
              I will say this... nice, very nice. They were not too spicy and more in tune with western tastes and spice levels.
              The only thing I have an issue with is the small size of them. For 18 of them, they were $13.25, a little pricey given the size.
              I know of some old women that will make and prepare them in their homes and sell them for a lot cheaper and also will tone down the spice if you ask. You take your chances though.... lol

              1. Just had some potato & cheese samosas for the first time from Sultan yesterday (also like the vegetable curry and beef versions) and they were delicious. I love the crispy thin pastry and I love their sauces. I find the prices quite reasonable compared to other places.

                Sultan Of Samosas
                1677 O'Connor Dr, Toronto, ON M4A, CA

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                1. re: JamieK

                  Samosa King...cannot be beat, price wise or quality wise.

                  1. re: Finnegan

                    Very true unless you want very meaty samosas.

                    1. re: Finnegan

                      Possibly. But for me, it can be beat when you factor convenience and location into the mix. I'm not going to trek out to Finch and wherever for the sake of a few cents when Sultan is only minutes away and I'm perfectly happy with the quality and taste. Just me, of course.

                      1. re: JamieK

                        errrr...more than a few cents they have a fantastic sweets section.

                        1. re: Finnegan

                          The only have veggie samosas, no???


                          1. re: Davwud

                            They actually have chicken samosas as well, but they aren't up front in the big display case, so you have to ask for them specifically. They are also 2 for a dollar instead of 5 for a dollar. IMO, they aren't really worth the difference in price, as they are still mostly potato, with some ground chicken added to the mix. Samosa King for me is all about the veggie samosas!