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Oct 1, 2007 09:44 AM

Good dim sum in Broadview & Gerrard Chinatown

Combed through the postings and there's lots of suggestions for dim sum across greater TO area but nothing for the "East" Chinatown area. I'm not familiar with the region but I moved to a region nearby so any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Since the demise of Soon Foon Tai the Grand seems to be the only option. It's fine for a decent dim sum lunch. Nothing special, but not bad.

    1. Good dim sum here is a thing of the past.

      The Pearl Court's limited range is edible.

      The Grand recently changed hands and has a new name that I can't remember. Immediately before this, they had become pretty bad (nuked har gow anyone?). I can't comment on the current incarnation.

      You can have dim sum by the water while the weather holds out (if not exactly at the prettiest spot on the harbor) at the new Cherry St T&T. They have a wide ranging repertoire, but the buzz hasn't been very good.

      There's also a dim sum place at Danforth & Logan, but I have never been motivated to go in. I can't comment on the quality.

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        I believe the place at Danforth & Logan is called Bamboo. We gave them a try shortly after moving to the east end and I'm sorry to report that their dim sum selection is fairly small, and that the quality falls somewhere between passable and barely edible.

      2. The original comment has been removed