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Oct 1, 2007 09:40 AM

Good Eats in Sherbrooke?

Hi everyone,

My job is shipping me off to Sherbrooke for three weeks at the end of the month. I'm staying at the Delta at King and Lionel-Groulx, and will be working just off King and Belvedere.

I'm really not looking forward to being away from home for so long... so hopefully you all can steer me in the direction of some good eats to soften the blow.

I'd particularly like suggestions for the following:
* cafe or patisserie that has good cafe-au-lait and pastries
* pub that specialises in local brews (pref one with good food too)
* quick/cheap/healthy lunches - Vietnamese, salads, sandwiches/panini, etc
* good brunch spot (that isn't Cora's)
* a nice dinner ($50 w/o wine or thereabouts), preferably with an interesting menu inspired by local ingredients or traditional Quebec dishes.

Price isn't a huge issue, as my employer will be footing the bill. :) That said, since I wish to remain employed, I'd prefer to stay under $10 for lunches and under $25 for dinner whenever possible.

I'd also prefer walking distance, as I won't always have a car at my disposal, but I'll happily drive 15-20 minutes if there's a can't-miss location you can suggest.

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  1. Gosh, I figured it would be a challenge to find decent food in Sherbrooke... but apparently it's even worse than I thought if even the 'hounds can't come up with a single suggestion.

    On the bright side, I guess this will be my opportunity to try every item on the menu at East Side Mario's. :P

    1. La Table du chef is terrific. It's the 3-month old restaurant of chef Alain Labrie, formerly of the incomparable Auberge Hatley. His wife runs the front of the house and there are a number of Hatley hands on the staff. It's casual in atmosphere but sophisticated in cuisine. Will be at the high end of your budget, but not way over. "Interesting menu inspired by local ingredients" is a pretty good description.
      A low-key gem.

      1. Pho Loc for Vietnamese. It's on King street near where you're at, about 7 blocks east on the North side of the street. The owner's name is Phok and he used to run the best Greek food/poutine place in Lennoxville, where I met him while at Bishops University. He's become somewhat of a legend since I graduated. I THINK he still offers a mean-ass poutine as well, but his soup is great, definitely worth the walk.

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        1. re: Pavlos

          Poutine and pho under one roof? Sounds like my version of heaven! :) Thanks for the suggestion... I shall definitely have to give this one a try.

          1. re: tartiflette

            If you want a local brewery, try the Lion Pub in Lennoxville (although it will be full of students from Bishop's University).

            The King Hall on King & Alexandre also has a good choice of beers (plus, it's 2 blocks from where you'll be working)

            If you want to buy a 6 pack, try the dep at the corner of Portland and Queen/Belvedre, They have about 300 different kinds of microbrews

        2. Well I used to go to Le Cartier or Pub St-Malo right in next to the Parc on Jacques Cartier. I believe its the same owner but different menu on each side. Le Cartier has sandwiches, pastas, european pizza, and salades. Everything I've tasted is good but not gastronomic...not too heavy which is a good thing because when ur living at a hotel is hard to eat healthy! The other side is more various meat burgers, goat cheese poutine, mussels, nachos... Prices are reasonable. I especially love their signature cake served on both sides.

          There is a good belguim restaurant called Choux Bruxelles. I think its a BYOW.. Pricey but good food.