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Oct 1, 2007 09:31 AM

Butcher's Twine?

Perhaps a ridiculous question, but does anyone know where I can fine butcher's twine in Montreal?

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  1. I used to buy mine at Ares - until my butcher started sneaking me some when I asked.

    1. Any kitchen supply store and many hardware stores.

      1. I just bought some like 2 weeks ago. There's a kitchen supply store on Cote Vertu (whose name escapes me); located on the same side of Cote Vertu as Place Vertu, in the first strip centre just south of Place Vertu (last store in the strip centre). They also give 20% on all purchases & I found their prices to be very competitive with all the more well-known kitchen stores. It was inexpensive.

        1. Just ask your butcher. Most will happilly give you however much you need. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you can find it at those "dollar and more" stores.

          1. I have a strange mind, I read : Butcher's Twins" and checked the URL...

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              Um. You have to be careful about what kind of twine you buy. If you buy dollar store stuff, or even most supermarket stuff, it has a lot of polyester in it, which is not good for cooking with (e.g., putting in the oven). It's actually fairly hard to find twine that is 100% natural fibre (cotton, hemp, whatever).

              I spent weeks looking for butcher's twine last year. Admittedly not looking really hard, but looking in the obvious places like supermarkets, dollar stores, Canadian Tire, etc. Everything had polyester in it. I finally found some 100% cotton twine in Chinatown. Unfortunately it was in that store that burned down soon afterwards (the one on St. L and Le G.)