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Oct 1, 2007 09:28 AM

Stonehill Tavern

Any recent experiences from hellow 'hounds ? I was thinking of trying this place out for my birthday dinner. Recommendations ? TIA.

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  1. What a coincidence. I tried it last week for MY birthday. Here's a full report with pics, if you're interested:

    My recommendation: The Monkfish, and the Root Beer Float!

    PHOTOS below:

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    1. re: elmomonster

      Happy (belated) Birthday !

      And thanks for all the great info !

    2. Might be kinda tough to search thru my blog, so I copied/pasted it down for you:

      It was amazing. Eat your heart out Ritz-Carlton....this is why S. Irene Virbila of the LA Times is willing to drive to Orange County and give it three stars (incredibly good on her rating scale). We're going for the second time in a month - UNHEARD OF for us tonight. I want to hold off until after dinner. I think you'll understand :)

      ...three weeks later....

      This is what I get for taking so long. My memory isn't as strong as it should be for a place I've frequented twice in a month. What I can start off telling you is that it RULES over Restaurant 162' across the street. The property itself is breathtaking. However, while my food experience didn't quite compare to what everyone else was having - i must say i was over the moon with everything else: decor, service, music.

      When we dined with Aubrey, I got all non-conformist and started with the crispy duck thigh. I believe they went for lobster, and were not disappointed. For our main, Aub and I shared the Whole Fried Jidori chicken for two ($60). It was carved tableside, and was quite flavorful. What I didn't count on was the peas that came along and blocked my attack of the marscapone polenta. *sigh* Jack's shellfish stew was just grand as expected.

      We kept watching the kobe burger walk by with this THING of fries. Something told us to order it. Well, it must've been the truffle ketchup that you dip the truffle fries in. It was a religious experience that Aubrey could not explain. Heavenly. And watching the Salt Baked Maine Lobster get served was a treat of its own. Completely engulfed in salt, they cart out this copper bottom dish and gently 'crack' open the shell of salt. The steam from aforementioned lobster melts all the salt, and flavor abounds. Ahhhhh.

      Dessert is a whole new ballgame. Too bad it's not listed on the site. Now I've seen dessert lists, and I know what's good. This blows them all out of the water. An old-fashioned root beer float that is undeniably good (trust our diner who swears it's as authentic as one in the Midwest) . Pudding you have to spoon duel over. Rich cake that one can hardly finish. I would go here just for dessert (and perhaps some fries).

      The see-thru glass and chrome wine display is striking. The modern sounds playing made me do a double-take. Could this be a hip place? It was a non-stop party of guests. A walk along the grounds afterwards made the visit even more worthwhile. Oh, and I think it was the first time a valet adjusted the front seat after helping someone get in back. This is how I envision a destination resort.

      1. We've been several times and it's not great! Sure I wish it was but it's not. I can't remember one dish that was Stellar!
        Amazingly we like Mina's other restaurants.
        So much better food in LA.
        $650- for 4 people and we brought our own wine and ordered the TM.
        Disappointing, but wait? I just bid on a auction item(meals on wheels) which is dinner at SHT for 4 worth 550-. I only bid 350- but I'm hopeful I didn't win, believe me! Knowing my luck I'll be writing a review about dinner there in about a month.

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        1. re: russkar

          I'm still optimistic that your next meal will get a positive review! :-)

          1. re: OCKevin

            Don't laugh. I was just awarded the Dinner at SHT again with the highest bid, I'm surprised because no one else bid higher? Maybe third times the charm? We'll probably go in Nov, review to follow.

            1. re: russkar

              Congrats on the win russkar! Looking forward to the review, but if you decide not to go the 3rd time I'll buy it from you for 4 bills to save you from SHT number 3.

        2. What's the dress code at this place?

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