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Oct 1, 2007 09:19 AM

Parisian Macaroons?

After returning from France, my obsession with Laduree's macaroons is overwhelming! Does anyone know where to find something like these in Toronto???

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  1. nothing like it here.
    There is a huge discussion on this subject on the France board.

    1. No no no, "macarons". Macaroons are the dreck with coconut made by Nielsen's :-)

      Someone said Pusateri's may carry them. But if they were imported from Paris they must be stale.

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        Hey! No putting down macaroons, which are really a very good treat when homemade, and the best culinary thing about passover. But, agreed, not macarons. Which are much better.

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          Was just at Pusateri's and saw some chocolate macarons made by "Dessert Baking Co." so I got one at $1.50. The shape is wider and flatter than what I remembered from Paris. It's actually not bad - the feel when your teeth sink into it is quite close. Taste is OK but chocolate is a boring flavour for macarons anyway. Alas the texture is too heavy compared to the original.

          So I looked up the name and found a "Bake: Dessert Co." at 2700 Dufferin. Maybe I remembered it wrong, or P's made an error (they did put "macaroons" on the label).

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            Fauchon's are among of the best but, as you say, by the time they arrive here... if they do arrive...

          2. Patachou has some macarons that LOOK real. :-)

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              I second Patachou, not as good as France, but the closest I have come here.

            2. Le Gourmand, Spadina at Queen, has a great looking display of fine chocolates and bonbons, call 'em...

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              1. re: Recyclor

                from what i've seen, they certainly do not offer macarons. they are an art unto themselves and require a delicate hand with experience.

                the bayview strip south of eg has a handful of french patisseries that offer them. i've seen them at rahier and cigogne for sure. i almost never see them sold by themselves however, they're usually with a pack of petit fours. but after paris i don't dare even bother.... nothing compares.

                you could certainly try making them yourself... i've done it with about a 50% success rate. but this character, clement, is utterly obsessed with them and is very deft, ... i might suggest looking to him for more precise recipes.

                1. re: pinstripeprincess

                  I think the important point here is how it tastes. I can't find one that is as good as those in Paris. I tried some expensive one in Las Vegas but it is just not the same. So good luck in making it yourself.

                  1. re: pinstripeprincess

                    I had some from Patisserie la Cigogne. They came in a pack with other cookies. Unfortunately, the cookies seemed a bit past their prime...

                2. I asked Rahier if they made macarons; they gave a curt "non".
                  Patachou's are not very much like Parisian macarons, but, when fresh, the coffee flavour isn't bad with a cuppa.
                  There's a small bakery east off Yonge, south of Eglinton, near Sassy Bead. I bought what was meant to be a blueberry macaron, but it was filled with a chocolatelike ganache. I absolutely do not recommend it!