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Parisian Macaroons?

After returning from France, my obsession with Laduree's macaroons is overwhelming! Does anyone know where to find something like these in Toronto???

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  1. nothing like it here.
    There is a huge discussion on this subject on the France board.

    1. No no no, "macarons". Macaroons are the dreck with coconut made by Nielsen's :-)

      Someone said Pusateri's may carry them. But if they were imported from Paris they must be stale.

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        Hey! No putting down macaroons, which are really a very good treat when homemade, and the best culinary thing about passover. But, agreed, not macarons. Which are much better.

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          Was just at Pusateri's and saw some chocolate macarons made by "Dessert Baking Co." so I got one at $1.50. The shape is wider and flatter than what I remembered from Paris. It's actually not bad - the feel when your teeth sink into it is quite close. Taste is OK but chocolate is a boring flavour for macarons anyway. Alas the texture is too heavy compared to the original.

          So I looked up the name and found a "Bake: Dessert Co." at 2700 Dufferin. Maybe I remembered it wrong, or P's made an error (they did put "macaroons" on the label).

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            Fauchon's are among of the best but, as you say, by the time they arrive here... if they do arrive...

          2. Patachou has some macarons that LOOK real. :-)

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              I second Patachou, not as good as France, but the closest I have come here.

            2. Le Gourmand, Spadina at Queen, has a great looking display of fine chocolates and bonbons, call 'em...

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                from what i've seen, they certainly do not offer macarons. they are an art unto themselves and require a delicate hand with experience.

                the bayview strip south of eg has a handful of french patisseries that offer them. i've seen them at rahier and cigogne for sure. i almost never see them sold by themselves however, they're usually with a pack of petit fours. but after paris i don't dare even bother.... nothing compares. http://tongueandcheek.ca/2006/11/23/g...

                you could certainly try making them yourself... i've done it with about a 50% success rate. http://tongueandcheek.ca/2006/05/05/c... but this character, clement, is utterly obsessed with them and is very deft, http://www.google.com/search?q=macaro... ... i might suggest looking to him for more precise recipes.

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                  I think the important point here is how it tastes. I can't find one that is as good as those in Paris. I tried some expensive one in Las Vegas but it is just not the same. So good luck in making it yourself.

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                    I had some from Patisserie la Cigogne. They came in a pack with other cookies. Unfortunately, the cookies seemed a bit past their prime...

                2. I asked Rahier if they made macarons; they gave a curt "non".
                  Patachou's are not very much like Parisian macarons, but, when fresh, the coffee flavour isn't bad with a cuppa.
                  There's a small bakery east off Yonge, south of Eglinton, near Sassy Bead. I bought what was meant to be a blueberry macaron, but it was filled with a chocolatelike ganache. I absolutely do not recommend it!

                  1. Me too! I got a small box back with me (pistachio of course, rose, coconut, citron, cafe and chocolat)- I carried it by hand for the enitre 10 hour trip back home in August, definately well worth it! Unfortunately I haven't found anything that rivals Laudree here, I tried making some pistachio ones at home, but it failed miserably. Here's the recipe link in case you're feeling adventurous, or just in plain need of a macaron fix:
                    David Lebovitz has a good chocolate one too:

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                      I'm pretty sure I've seen them at Celestine on Mt. Pleasant.

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                        I saw them there too, but the last time I visited (a couple months ago) I asked for them and the woman at the counter said they had stopped making them because it was too much work...

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                          Oh too bad....as I recall they did a really nice job with the packaging also.

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                            the pastry chef said he can make them per order (minimum a dozen). Celestin does make them during holiday seasons (he said x'mas for sure). Anyone wants to make a group purchase?

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                              but... are they any good??? i find the texture the most amazing thing and often is what throws it off entirely.

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                                well, we'll have to give it a shot then! a dozen is still a lot, it'll be nice if we can get 12 people, ha~ get 3~4 flavours

                                it's sad, even ottawa has few places that sell macarons, but not here in TO :(

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                                  I tried a variety of their macaroons a while ago and although they were pretty and colourful, their flavours were not very memorable. However, their other pastries and cakes were fabulous!

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                                  do you know how much a dozen would cost? i'd be interested to get some, but am slightly hesitant having never tried them from here (had many while in paris, mmmm)

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                                    It's $2.50 for ONE macaron, i didn't ask them if i can get any discount if i purchase a dozen. You will never know until you try them out~
                                    I'm up for a group purchase

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                                      These would be from Celestine, correct?

                                      1. re: millygirl

                                        yup, i'm sure we can negotiate a better deal if we get like 3 or 4 dozens.

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                              What about Thuet ? 609 King Street West (416) 603-2847
                              www.thuet.ca - Next time I drop by at Pusateri's I'll ask one of the managers, as they carry Thuet pastry. Now, it is very difficult to make a good French macaron. The authentic ones are plain (no chocolate, etc.) One major point: they should be as light as a cloud and melt in your mouth. The best recipe comes from Pierre Hermé.

                          2. As far as I know, you can find parisian macaroons in the Toronto area:

                            La Bamboche (www.labamboche.ca) - 4 Manor Rd, Toronto (near Yonge south of Eglinton
                            )The Sweet Escape inside the Distillery District
                            Louis XIV Cake Boutique - 550 Hwy 7 East, Unit 67, Times Square (northwest corner Leslie & Hwy 7)

                            I would say La Bamboche has the greatest selection. All 3 places sell the macaroons at around $2/pc give or take.

                            Hope that helps.

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                              The ones at La Bamboche are pretty good. In the same hood Thobors has as well.


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                                I had La Bamboche macarons a couple of days ago, and they're so much better than before. When I tried them in the summer, the shells were too dense and dull. They now seem to be lighter and fresher.

                                1. re: sweethound

                                  Being a sugary meringue product, weather (i.e. temperature and humidity) has some effect on how well they turn out.

                            2. Had lovely macarons at MoRoCo chocolate lounge in Yorkville, 99 Yorkville avenue, and ive tried the laduree ones, so these were pretty good.(not as good of course)

                              1. I recently tried some from Patisserie La Cigone. They even show them on their website: http://www.patisserielacigogne.com/mi...

                                But, I have never had a macaron from anywhere else – let alone in Paris – and I did not particularly enjoy these. They were really, really, really sweet. The sweetness kind of hurt my teeth.

                                1. La Bamboche on Avenue Road (new location) near Fairlawn, lovely chocolate macarons.
                                  I am afraid to announce this that I might miss out on them .....but I have to give props where they are due. They also make a killer banana chocolate roll....delish

                                  1. Ahh macarons! I just got back from Paris as well and came home craving them. Lemon Tree Patisserie makes macarons...wonderful young woman who sells her macarons at the St. Lawrence Market (I always find her on Saturday mornings)..I believe she has a website www.lemontreepat.com. Also, Summerhill Market in Rosedale on Summerhill Ave. has just begun making macarons! Delicious...however..none are as good as the ones in Paris...

                                    1. Just noticed "Yves Thurie's Chocolat Macaron" available at Solby's. I wasn't going to spend 34.95+tax to see if it's possible for prepackaged macarons from France to survive on the shelf. Glad I didn't, as when I checked their website, it seems it's chocolate bonbons made in the form of macarons! really, how low can you stoop to catch on to the macaron craze?? BTW even the plastic box itself is made to look like a giant macaron. (should have taken a picture from the side as well) Maybe good for a laugh if anything.

                                      http://www.yvesthuries.com/index_uk.html - check the Assortment / Luxury

                                      1. The best macarons I've had are from Labamboche hands down. I've also heard them repeatedly being compared to the best ones found in Paris. Any pastries from Pusataries are usually brought in and overpriced and defiantly not worth it. Moroco's are a joke for the price; inconsistent and way too sweet. La cigogne, Rahiers, and patachous lack in flavor and texture. From what i've had Thuets are alright.


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                                          I'm a bit surprised that you find the La Bamboche ones so highly recommended - at best I recall their performance being described as inconsistent. And my personal experience was that they were the sweetest I found in Toronto (yes, sweeter than MoRoCo).
                                          Certainly Sweethound (above) seemed to find them improved, but I tend to be cautious about 'only-time' posters.
                                          I now know my own tastes prefer a slightly 'chewier' version than many posters, but many seem to agree that 'too sweet' tends to be the issue (plus being stale/soggy - which should be cause for rejection - maybe there's a faster turnover now that la Bamboche has opened on Avenue Road).
                                          I've never had the Laduree version 'fresh' - a couple of days is the best I've managed being brought back from Paris by friends. However, a trip to Paris is planned (and booked) so that will be corrected soon. (No I'm not taking orders - I'll be stocking up on Henri le Roux's C.B.S. tart - which still beats any macaron I've ever had by a fair distance).

                                          1. re: estufarian

                                            we live right nearby and they are really great. maybe not as good as paris, but best i've had in the city hands down.

                                        2. You can also find freshly made macarons at Nadege, just at Queen St. W, by Trinity-Bellwoods. They also have other pastries such as croissants, etc. The proprietess is French.