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Long weekend Mission Bay/San Diego

We will be staying at the Bahai Resort for a week (husband has conference, I'll just be relaxing) and I'm hoping for some dining suggestions in the area. We've never been to San Diego.

More specifically, I would love some suggestions on walkable, casual dining (breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner) options near our hotel (Mission Bay/Pacific Beach). Not fancy and we like Thai, Mexican, Indian, a good burger place, Italian, pizza, good beers, etc. A great place for breakfast or a bakery would also be appreciated.

Second, we will not have a car, but we are hoping to rent some bikes for at least a day or two to ride into San Diego. Any good food places along a bike route from Mission Bay to downtown San Diego? Other bike-able places that have great eats that we shouldn't miss?

Thanks so much for your advice!

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  1. Starting where you are staying and working north along the beach:

    Mission Cafe - 3795 Mission Blvd. Decent mexican/asian breakfast and lunch.

    Liars' Club - 3844 Mission Blvd. Good burgers. Must stop if you like beer.

    World Famous - 711 Pacific Beach Dr. Good fish/shrimp/lobster tacos. Great beachside location.

    Gringos - 4474 Mission Blvd. Surprisingly decent Mexican food.

    Konos - 704 Garnet Ave. Breakfast and burgers. Sit in the ocean-view patio across the way if you can.

    Kafe Yen - 4517 Mission Blvd. Good Thai-ish food.

    Taco Surf - 4657 Mission Blvd. Taco shop meets surfboard museum.

    1. Here is a pretty recent thread on Pacific Beach


      Have a great time!

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        I noticed your comments about a Belgian Fries joint. Do you know the address for this place? I LOVE a good serving of thick cut fries with some yummy sauce!

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          It's on Mission Blvd. close to Garnet Ave. I went there last weekend it is really good. (Great dips (e.g. Parmesan-peppercorn etc, good bratwurst). Some of the best fries in SD (only Cafe Chloe is better but theirs are frites). Belgian Fries also changed their hours and they are now open until 9pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


      2. I think the only place that you could walk to is mission beach. There are a few burger places there I think. You may need to give in and get a cab somewhere.

        Order yourself a bike map online, that will help with your travels.

        There is a nice bike path to Ocean beach where you can enjoy burgers at hodads and lots of fun and interesting bars, restaurants and shops.

        You can also get to mission bay easily too.

        If you're riding to downtown make sure to take PCH which will be a bit safer. You'll end up on the embarcadero with views of the bay and you can also get the ferry over to coronado with your bikes and explore many more dining options over there.

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          Thanks for the cycling advice! I think we will definitely make an afternoon/evening trip to Ocean Beach. Any other recommendations, other than Hodads? We are planning to go to the Liars Club for burgers and beer as well, so it would be nice to have a variety of options!

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            Stop in at South Beach Bar and Grille and have the mini taco platter.

        2. Karinga's on Garnet near Mission has great Thai plus atmosphere plus low prices.
          Good curry and nice service.

          1. I'd probably recommend taking a cab or shuttle to downtown - it's not too far, but the bike ride might be a bit hairy. I would suggest taking jennywenny's advice to bike to Ocean Beach - Hodad's is a great burger place over there and there are lots of antique shops - it's sort of a funky "crunchy" beach community. Also, Pacific Beach and La Jolla are bikeable in the other direction - there have been some recent threads on those two places lately.

            To the recs below I'd also add Latin Chef - Peruvian in Pacific Beach (great ceviche), JRDN for lunch or breakfast (dinner is more expensive), Costa Brava - Spanish in PB.

            1. I live about 10 min up the boardwalk from your hotel and thought I'd add some more suggestions and advice.

              Thai - Thai Village on Mission Blvd (just past the Belgian Frie place) has an avocado curry that blows my mind every time I have it as well as "finger shrimp" that are awesome!
              Mexican - my fave fish taco is at Taco Motion (Garnet & Fanuel in the 7-11 complex)
              Vietnamese - though there are better options with a car, Pho Sao Bien (Garnet and Lamont) has very passable pho and appetizers
              Greek - in the Vons shopping centre (Garnet and Jewel) there is Cafe Athena

              I second JRDN for drinks on the patio or apps, Costa Brava is also fun (but make reservations if it's a nice night). I've also had good feedback from guests that I've brought to the FireHouse (Mission Blvd and Grand) - it's not blow your socks off, but has a very California vibe if you can get upstairs on the patio and sit/snuggle by the fire pit.

              I have to advise against biking to downtown or even Ocean Beach and would recommend focusing on going north to PB/La Jolla. There is a bike path to OB and Downtown, but the route is often complicated to follow and is very roundabout...
              My suggestion is to make a day of biking on Sunday (weather permitting) and make the trip up to the La Jolla Farmer's Market (Girard and Genter). Snaking your way along the coast on the way up and then returning along the bike path to Fanuel St./Mission Bay @ Sail Bay.
              Also, the bikes that primarily available for rent are beach cruisers (single speed) with pedal brakes that are more suited for the smooth coast rather than hilly-er OB and inland...

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                Bring your bikes and a picnic lunch to Balboa park.

                Bikes are the best way to explore the huge and beautiful park.

              2. Another vote for Konos and Mission Cafe.

                Ride your bikes to OB for the OB thing. And it is a thing. South Beach has wonderful fish tacos.

                Enjoy!- Dagney