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Oct 1, 2007 09:03 AM

good burrito around EV

Looking for a good char-grilled-skirt-steak burrito around Evanston in the tradition of La Pasadita (Chicago) and Las Asadas (Des Plaines).


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  1. I know a few ppl here who would be ever so greatful if you took one for the team here:
    Tacos Del Lago
    822 Clark Street
    That's all I know about in Evanston.

    As far as getting something further north in the CITY, you have a few options I know about:
    El Asadero
    2213 W. Montrose Ave.

    And La Palapita (same owners and food as Las Asadas and La Pasadita
    )4263 N Milwaukee Ave,
    Chicago 60641