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Oct 1, 2007 08:52 AM

Enjoyed Villa Mosconi.....

What a great local dining experience my wife and I had Friday night at Villa Mosconi in the village on McDougal St. . The food and service was superb but the family atmosphere, and friendliness of the staff, owners and other patrons, (most of which seemed to be local)made for a very enjoyable evening. You can feel right at home at Mosconi. I am a very big fan of Crispo which has a different feel and atmosphere....but Mosconi hit the mark....simple straight forward very good food , very good service and nice owners that make you feel welcome and special.

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  1. That's great to hear - been years since I've been there. I loved their Penne a la Vodka!

    1. This is a really great place under the radar. It is not a trendy restaurant so no one talks about it but we loved it when we ate there this year. If you love Italian food, it is a nice place in the village!

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        Went to NYU so it was the cheap student's nice italian meal. Now that I am NYC on business all the time, I still stop by. Will be there tomorrow night with some collegues. You will be pleasantly surprised by the american Italian dinner.

      2. I was there last month.Nice to see a local familyowned business that over the years has not changed. From the time you walk in until you leave you feel like a valued customer.

        1. WOW. Villa Mosconi is real "old school" , the food there is consistent. Joe's used to be a few doors down and much better. The waiters from Joe's opened many restaurants around the village. Some include Il Mulino, Ennio and Michael, Bocconcino, Centanni, Pirandellos Arco de san calisto, Trattoria on hudson st..
          Il mulino is different style and in a whole other league than Villa Mosconi. but Ennio and Michael is a place to be considered if you like Villa Mosconi.

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            some details on Ennio? I'll be in town again next week and would like to try it. first an address? then some recommendations please.

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              Ennio and Michael's
              539 la guardia pl
              recommend, baked clams oreganata
              lasagna, pappardelle with portabella sauce, rigatoni with ennio sauce, spedini, veal chop, chicken arrabiata(balsamic sauce) , veal ala Michael . linguini with squid sauce ( i forget what they call it),, even the veal parmigiana is great. pasta fagioli, Rabbit, Fish en cartouche, raspberry torte, zabaglione,