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Oct 1, 2007 08:37 AM

TO street food c/o Alphabet City Festival

I came across a flier for this event, has some various interesting things going on, but primarily this, blurb:

Street Food Pilot Project Featured Event

Details TBA (check for updates)

The street food pilot project–organized by Multistory Complex–offers a taste of what Toronto's street food could be like. Sample delicious and diverse street food - nothing over $7! With partners FoodShare, The Stop Community Food Centre, and the Brickworks. More partners and site locations to be announced.

...anyone know more about it? Was supposed to start on Saturday 29th (aswell as one on the 13th and 30th of Oct) but there was no event loc/time listed...

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    1. i've found these events lacking a lot of information, advertisement and notice.... which is unfortunate. i had high hopes when it was first mentioned. granted besides the note above, it's also been difficult to get in touch with john sometimes.

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      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        With the change in legislation reguarding Street Food recently, these events really need more organisation! No More Hotdogs!

        Has anybody seen ANY new food types on Toronto's street since the law change???? :s

        1. re: Tboy

          the thing is.. from my understanding is that the law was instated by ontario rather than toronto and so it came as a bit of a surprise to toronto. if you really think about it, they need the time to determine the costs of such an endeavour and to figure out the best way to accomplish this that still takes into the account of safety. they're going to need more manpower with more carts and a system by which to grade the health safety... the rate that toronto goes at.. this will be a long time coming.