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Oct 1, 2007 08:34 AM

Buying Champagne in Las Vegas?

To all you Las Vegas experts:
Could you please advise about good places to buy champagne in Las Vegas. A place that stocks caviar and other gourmet goodies would also be nice. I was recently at a downtown LV casino and when I asked a bartender what sparkling wine they poured, I was shown a bottle of something called Wycliff (sp?) which was a little bit scary...Thanks for your help.

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  1. Valley Cheese and Wine out in Henderson, without a doubt. Great selection, fantastic owners.

    Valley Cheese & Wine
    1770 West Horizon Ridge Parkway, Las Vegas, NV

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    1. You should also checkout Lee's Discount Liquor. There are several in Las Vegas and have the bes stocked stores in the Valley.

      1. There is a store called the Caviar Baron on Industrial, not sure if they sell champagne, but they must sell caviar! Lee's is the best place for buying champagne, Khoury's also has some nice selections ( on Eastern).

        1. Lee's is a good choice for just about any liquor but don't expect to find the real gems in any of their locations and they don't have any gourmet food ( at least not that I can remember - which is to say that if they do, there is no selection to speak of ).

          Valley Cheese and Wine does have quite a bit of interesting foodie items but their Champagne selection is limited at best. ( I notice a trend here. Heh! )

          You might also try Marche Bacchus up in the Summerlin area. They stock several imports from France as well as carry quite a bit of gourmet food.

          Good luck!

          Marche Bacchus
          2620 Regatta Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89128

          1. I don't drink wine, etc. but there is the Wine Cellar at the Rio which opens at 3 p.m. They do wine tastings, pairings, flights and also have retail.