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Oct 1, 2007 08:18 AM

Ocean Grille Orange CT

anyone been to the ocean grille in orange ct? jacob marley's closed down and this recently just opened...I had a terrible experience with a dinner there but was thinking it might have just been a first time offense for them...

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  1. I'm giving this a bump, because I am interested too. Ads seem like this is geared toward younger, partying types with lots of references to superbowl parties, etc. Dying to hear if casual on one side and formal on theother like Marley's was. Hope the hounds reply.

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      1. I've been there a couple of times now (in the dining room and bar) for dinner and drinks, with no problems at all. The food was great (had the Sea Bass and the Tuna on separate occasions). Perhaps pandrea's experience was part of the restaurant "getting the kinks out." Definately a classy upgrade to Marley's and one of the nicer places in the area. The entertainment is a refreshing change of pace too.

        1. My husband and I stopped in Wednesday night before Thanksgiving on the late side after a movie, hoping to just get some apps and sit in the bar. It was Karaoke night in the bar, so there were no seats to be had around 9:45 PM. So we ate in the dining room. The remodel job was quite nice, although the dining room was quite dark but the see-through fishtanks were really cool looking--I wouldn't like to have been seated under one of the tanks for fear of the blue neon light casting an unflattering glow on my face (ha ha). The bar was loud when we were there and not many left in the formal dining room other than us and four other tables--seemed like the same woman was singing one Karaoke song after the other. My husband had bacon-wrapped scallops that he said were good. I loved my caesar salad, just wished they offered anchovies as an option; the parm on it was really fresh. My husband's fish and chips were just OK and my stuffed sole was quite delicious. The dessert we had was also yummy--I believe it was a chocolate cake concoction. There were a lot of nice things on the menu including some more inventive specials that I would have preferred to try, but it was so late and with Thanksgiving the next day, didn't opt for the other items. Our waitress was very friendly and quite attentive. Interesting that she came out pushing the seafood risotto and another $29.99 entree. This would be a great place to stop for lunch during your holiday Post Road shopping excursions.