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Oct 1, 2007 08:07 AM

Germantown and Gaithersburg dinner report

Thanks to all DC area Chowhounds for the restaurant info. I managed to eat well in the 'burbs. Tuesday night, on my own, I went to the Rustic Oven in Germantown. I guess the strip mall vibe is par for the course but the food was wonderful. Foccaccia with a light tomato topping was brought out along with herbed olive oil. I had gnocchi Bolognese which was a special and it was perfect. They also pour a generous tumbler of chianti classico for $6. Based on the foccaccia I would definitely try their pizza. Wednesday night I tried La Flor de Canela along with my colleague. Another winner. The pisco sours were a fine aperitif and we split a mixed seafood seviche. One of the best I've had: fresh and flavorful. I had the lomo saltado for an entree which was complimented nicely by the garlicky hat condiment they provide. My colleague had a fried whole flounder which was reminiscent of the crispy flounder they serve in Charleston. The icy cold Peruvian beer went great with the food. Thursday nigh was sushi at Yuraku in Germantown. Back to a strip mall again but very good sushi. They brought edamame and a vegetable appetizer out right away and the sushi was very fresh. I love spider rolls (soft shell crab) but often find them unwieldy. Yuraku makes spider hand rolls which is the perfect solution. Their special roll was a Maui Black Pepper Roll: pepper-crusted seared ahi rolled with avocado and a wasabi sauce. Fantastic! Once again, I appreciate all the local knowledge that steered me in the right direction. Check in with us if you're coming South.

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