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Oct 1, 2007 07:34 AM

bricktown toms river good food

california guy going to ocean county in 10 days where do i have to go.sub sandwich best pizza italian greek deli thai not a millionaire thanks jim

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  1. Maruca's tomato pies in the kmart shopping center on Rt. 88 and Van Zile Rd. Brick, NJ.

      1. Though I haven't tried it myself, I've heard good things about an Italian place called Ciao Baby in Brick. (Terrible name, I know, but they say the food is good.) A great Italian place I HAVE tried in Brick is Villa Vittorio. A bit south of Toms River, on Route 9 in Bayville, is a casual joint called Shady Rest -- best pizza I've ever had.

        1. Also, I'm not sure what you're looking for in a deli, but there's a local chain called Jersey Mike's that has terrific subs.

          1. continue to hear good things about bistro 44 in toms river. nobi sushi was decent, near ocean county mall.

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              I second david12's recommendation for Bistro 44 in downtown TR. I eat there almost once a week for lunch and can vouch for any item on the menu. As for Greek, the Athens Grill in the Stella Plaza is fantastic as is El Familiar in the same shopping center for Colombian/Mexican. For deli I would try Irv and Karens on Rt. 88 in Brick. Nothing much in the way of Thai in the area. You need to head up a half hour away to Far East Tast in Eatontown for good Thai food. You could do worse than Jersey Mike's for subs or even Sub Doctors on Rt.37 in TR. Pizza is a tough one but I generally agree with the Maruca's suggestion. You got a lot of food here to keep you busy. Let us know how you like it.

                1. re: JimmyC

                  I have to second Bistro 44. We finally made it there 2 weeks ago witha group of six and NO ONE had any bad comments. As far as Irv and Karens my opinion would be to stay far away. The matzo ball soup was terrible (tasteless), the meat was dry, Never would I go back there.

                  1. re: Babs16

                    jersey mikes is in so cal about locals only places?

                    1. re: david12

                      That's funny David. Do you know if it's part of the franchise? The orginal Jersey Mike's was located I believe on Arnold Ave. in Pt. Beach. More importantly how is the sandwich out there? I doubt they make a good hoagie, grinder, sub outside of the TriState area. It has to be the water right? :)

                      1. re: bgut1

                        yes ! yes ! thats the one my wife went to as a kid. the guy in SD worked at the one on arnold ave. he did make a good sandwich but that kind of bread did stink. artisanal breads however, were simply amazing. nothing like that in this area that i know of.

                    2. re: Babs16

                      Wow Babs. Unless Karen has changed since the time she moved from TR, I can't see your comments about the matzoh ball soup nor the meats. I used to go there for lunch often and routinely enjoyed their soups and deli. Never were the soups bland or the turkey, corned beef or pastrai dry. Trust me coming from a yiddish home I have had it all.

                      1. re: bgut1

                        I came from the same kind of home and there is no comparison. Chicken soup should taste like it has been cooking for hours, not just running the chicken through the water and matzo balls should be light and fluffy. I do understand that everyones taste buds are different, but my buds would not go back here again. The meat should be so moist that the flavor seeps into the rye and when you take a bite it melts away in your mouth. I guess living in Brooklyn for awhile you just get used to a different type of Kosher deli.

                        If you like Karens, then by all means enjoy..

                        1. re: Babs16

                          Babs - Obviously we both are entitled to our own opinion but lets please put things in perspective. While Irv and Karens is far from the best deli I have ever had, for Ocean County its the best your going to get. Do you have any other suggestions for the OP? Wolfies? I hope not. Where else are you going to get freshly made roasted turkey on a piece of seeded corn rye with a Dr. Brown's with comp sides of pickles, cole slaw and potato salad?

                          1. re: bgut1

                            babs, i have to agree very much with bgut about the vacinity. this goes for many of the same genres or restaurants..... where do you get good vietnamese, thai, bbq, deli, etc.... anywhere in ocean or monmouth counties.... i have yet to have a decent chinese meal, one poor vietnamese, two horrible and one ok mexican, and i can't tell you how many BAD italian meals here. sushi is good at nobi in TR and mahzu in freehold, but they are not even close to what i was used to in CA or NYC. i too grew up in a jewish household. have not had good deli for years.

                            1. re: david12

                              It is not that I disagree with bgut, it is just that I don't feel that Karens is worth my time or effort. I would love to have a great kosher deli locally but for some odd reason it's not happening. I guess that I will have to wait until my next trip to Brooklyn or NYC to get a great knish, hot pastrami or corned beef.

                              As far as a good vietnamese rest. try Little Saigon in AC. Very small place but oh so good. We also like IKKO in Brick for sushi. Capauno's in West Windsor has really good italian and only 45 minutes from here.

                      2. re: Babs16

                        We used to have lunch delivered to our office when Irv & Karen's was in TR. The sandwiches weren't bad, but the salads were another story...brown lettuce every time. Ugh.