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Is this place realy good? Or is it a place to hang out and drink ?

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  1. Em has better thai food, Joya is quick and cheap for delivery, and tastes fine, it's just nothing great. It is a bit of an after-work drink scene, but the tables are always full too.

    1. Food: for the most part, it is mediocre americanized thai. Some dishes are ok, nothing even close to Sripraphai. Very forgetable.

      Place: really really annoying. Lots of loud bad music and the kind of people who like that sort of thing. Cramped and uncomfortable, with plenty of trashy attitude. A nightmare to eat there. Get take out.

      1. It's OK..but I agree with NYJewboy, eating there can be annoying. It's best for delivery, although I dont think they deliver on the weekend.

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          I had delivery from Joya last Saturday, I believe it is something they only started doing fairly recently.

        2. I like to think of Joya as the Planet Thai of our neighborhood...

          1. We really like Joya for certain things, and a certain kind of experience. The takeout and delivery is something we have been doing for a few years.

            The food is very high quality, made from the freshest, excellent quality ingredients. The platters are quite copious, and the prices very reasonable.

            Of course, for the "purists", looking for "authenticity", they might just have to go to Thailand, or some hole in the wall luncheonette type place in Queens. For everyone else who enjoys Thai food, Joya is fine.

            The service is pleasant and efficient.

            The drawbacks, the long, long waits, and the very high noise level and awful music. Hit Joya early, and there is usually no problem.

            The Soft Shel Crab in season alone is well worth the trip

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              hole in the wall luncheonette in queens? Sripraphai is larger then Joya and has a nicer garden!

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                Authentic or not, Joya is known for its portions and prices. It is certainly not renowned for the quality of its ingredients and taste of its food. In fact, one of my friends who has now sworn off of Joya told me last week that "it tasted like they cooked everything in the same pan."

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                  First off, Sripraphai is hardly a "hole in the wall luncheonette type place " and while Joya is an easy and cheap destination, it is a mere shadow of authentic Thai food and closer to Americanized chinese take-out. I just had some incredible Thai food in LA and Vegas. In LA, even the crappy/mediocore Thai food is miles ahead of Joya. Why cant some open an authentic thai restaurant in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

                2. joya is nothing special. i find it bland and oversweet. there's nothing adventurous about the cooking.

                  i've had surprisingly good thai food at Em. still not a sripraphai, or close.

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                    Agreed. Nothing in my experience with Joya made me think they used the 'very highest quality, fresh excellent quality ingredients' (why do you think so fleur?). And considering the cheap prices, which is really what they're known for, I tend to doubt it further.

                    'Em is the safest bet for Thai in the area.

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                      I haven't been to Joya in a long time, but unless the quality differs greatly from Song, it's sister location, some of you are going a little overboard in critiquing it, IMO. Song anyway is definitely a big step up from the run of the mill Thai places in Park Slope which are at the level of Chinese takeout in quality. It isn't Sripraphai, but not many places are. I know people from Thailand who think it's okay for food. I always come away thinking the quality to price is a very good value.

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                        I don't think anyone's been particularly harsh actually. I don't hate Joya. I just don't think there's anything particularly interesting about it, other than the fact that its cheap. The vibe is kind of pretentious (for what it is), the food is basic, its loud...but its cheap. If you want cheap, basic thai, its fine. But there's really no reason to go out of your way to eat there.

                        So to go back to the original question that started the thread, of whether its 'really good' or just a place to hang out and drink....it leans more to the latter. though I would call it just a place to grab a quick, cheap, simple plate of thai food.

                        1. re: Nehna

                          Well I guess I think saying basic is selling it short - at least how I would define it. The food is good - at least at Song - and in fact better than places like Long Tan or Nana or other nearby mediocre "Asian Fusion" places that charge too much. So based on the quality and price, I would say it is somewhat unusual and worth more time of day than your post would suggest - if you can deal with the loud music/atmosphere.

                          To each their own I guess, but I would throw in a "good" to your list of adjectives.

                          Oh and I forgot to mention - an example of being too harsh is comparing it to Planet Thailand (assuming that's what the guy meant)! Well, at least after my only one meal there - PT was not good at all and not worth the price.

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                        We found the Crab, shrimp, and fish dishes to be impeccably fresh. The only drawback for us is the noise level and the wait.

                        We have been eating at Lantern on Montague Street every so often, and the food is pretty good.

                        If there is a really great Thai restaurant nearby, or in the City, that is a real restaurant, not a takeout place, I would love to know about it. The new Zagat is coming out very soon. Maybe they will have some ideas.

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                          >> The new Zagat is coming out very soon. Maybe they will have some ideas.

                          No need to wait for the new one. Check out the 2006 edition, published two years ago ... http://www.nysun.com/article/21590?ac...

                          1. re: Fleur

                            If you're still avoiding Queens, try Zabb City on 13th st btw 2nd and 3rd in Manhattan. Order the duck salad.

                            And you can always take the G to the 7 to sripraphai...

                      3. For what I've come to think of as "Manhattan-style" Thai, I prefer Em or Ghang to Joya. But I do both for delivery, not eat in...

                        1. Well we used to love Em and then we found Nine-D on court so we never go to Em anymore. Joya's food is no where near as good as Em and Em not as good as Nine-D and as far as a bar scene - there are much better places to go if you want to be elbow to elbow and hear deafening music. Also for Joya every morning they throw buckets of chlorine and water on the sidewalk in front to clean up I guess what the their putrid grabage left behind. I dont know which smell is worse.

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                          1. re: Ljubitca

                            Is that the place in Carroll Gardens, maybe by 2nd place? I was wondering about how it was. Do you know how far they deliver?

                            1. re: dimples

                              Yes that is it - not sure how far they deliver but it cant hurt to call them and ask?

                              1. re: dimples

                                Nine-D is premiering its new menu I think this weekend. It is on Court between 3rd and 4th Place,

                                1. re: Brigita

                                  The new menu came out a little less than a month ago and it does have modifications from the original.

                              2. re: Ljubitca

                                What's good at Nine-D? I've been an Em/Ghang devotee, but could definitely branch out...

                                1. re: bladerobbins

                                  The mango salad, their dumplings are the best(veggie), and the Pad Ki Maw (?) - is what we have tasted so far - we just keep ordering this stuff until we get tired of it and will move onto other menu items. I should mention this place is a bit spicier than Em. Eating there is best - but their delivery beats Em and I think Em is great.